$Luna, a case against sanity

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$Luna just 8x-ed on Binance

I've had a wild chat with @urun mid last week, within we basically agreed that LUNA is going to hit the wall, about 1 day before it actually did. The price was still ~80c$, but the ship had already sailed -> https://peakd.com/hive-123456/@manniman/p-19g6wl30pqrk8e9651255b4ee8f29

Since then the Chain has hyperinflated and after that halted block production to decouple LUNA and USDT - as excepted.

Source 1: https://shorturl.at/bnD45
"Validators have decided to disable on-chain swaps, and IBC channels are now closed."

Quote from Binance: shorturl.at/ltHKP

"Note: The current circulating supply for LUNA is ~6.5T (~95% of total token supply)."

Meanwhile professional idiots on youtube have been shilling to buy LUNA, basically all the way down while it hyperinflated.

You can't make this up, it bounced back 8x today on Binance. Becoming the #33 Coin by MCap again.


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Yesterday there were gains within 24 hours of over 3000% I think it's a traders position who likes to take risks, note Luna has more coins circulated if anything is good it may be something for new investors..... $100 a coin again? No way it's just a trader's game now.

We might be able to call it LunaShib soon, but the trades pulling that % are probably not made by retailers. The market was in free fall until trading was stopped and whoever could analyze and prepare close to reopening the trading, that's where those trades have been made. Deep deep in the swaps of dirty tricks and binance.com of all platform is known for things like that.

Lol I think they should just start a new project if possible

agree strongly

Lol he could write off Luna it's been around I'm sure he's liquidated over the years somethings.

I personally didn't believe in LUNA just reopening block production again and I still think it is just silly plays by insiders. Eventually, they will have to fork and try from unburned ground again. They've proven to be able to build a scalable product, change the management and reset the game. If they don't do that, we'll probably see community forks anyway.

When everyone shorts, it bounces.

by mechanics or due to CEX interests?

I don't know the plumbing. It just happens.

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