LARYNX Fair Price?

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LARYNX sits 0.5%-0.85% of HIVE per Token

We are three months in the LARYNX Airdrop (Claimdrop) on the site.

You are getting 1:1 LARYNX for HIVE/HP

you held back at the snapshot day in January. -->

That means, hundreds of Millions of LARYNX without an active purpose are getting dropped onto the HIVE community. Those kinds of massive Airdrops always beg the question of the price.

For now and maybe or even probably for the rest of the year, LARYNX is a utility- and yieldless token. Even running an SPK Note and staking LARYNX onto it creates no rewards.

Leaving us with only three good options:

  1. Dump it on the market, take the HIVE
  2. #HODL, because they will increase in value
  3. Buy some more

You can find the Market:

I'm Type 3, +7k so far, will you tell me yours?


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I am just going to HODL and I don't really know if there is much we can do with them if we are not running a node.

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For now it‘s nothing, you can’t even stake or lock them if you don’t run a note. Pretty interesting too see them at half a percentage of Hive meanwhile. There is a lot of risk involved at the moment.