Who borrowed 100.000 BTC?

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Who borrowed 100.000 BTC?

BitBoy Crypto is not letting go of the UST Crash and good for them, they really shouldn't!
They dopped another good video with their O-P-I-N-I-O-N!

Now we actually know about all the weaknesses of the former LUNA/USDT Algo Stablecoin connection:

The most obvious:

  • "Over-lend" on Anchor
  • Unstable Conversion Tokenomics
  • No Death Spiral safety mechanics
  • Overhyped Luna price
  • Centralized Reserves in BTC dropped significantly in value
  • poor crisis management
  • USDT Premine with no value backing

Maybe you got some more for me? Would be cool to read them!

(I'll put a fat upvote on every additional weakness in the comments)

Still, NOW, here we go, who the hell borrowed 100k BTC? That's 0.5% of the all-time max supply of BTC in ONE TRADE?! Are you kidding me? That's a big red flag!

Nothing is proven yet, cheers.

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It is funny how LUNA was SO amazing for everyone when it was at 120$ and now we dig the skeletons ...
I am wondering who is next in our hypocrite crypto world

1.5 Billions in BTC disappeared and Mr Do does not answer that question , those were part of back up along with UST stablecoin .

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Yap, I bet some whales got burned bad as well. My damage is really small, but those BILLIONS -gone- that's not a joke at all.

Also, I can't believe they panic sold the BTC instead of weathering and going for a focused recovery event - or even as TheyCallMeDan has suggested, send the BTC to UST holders as insurance money. But panic dumping it into the market? Makes me really wonder who played whom here. Maybe they were all in the bet and crashed themselves on purpose after getting the first fatal blow.

Do Kwan to his Friends: "Hey we're going down anyway, let's bet against ourselves and burn the ship down forever!"

Nah, just kidding, they lost, the question is to whom. The market or some evil actors with a good plan and massive resources.

These tokens that rely on 1 person to drive the brand have a problem. Right now Do Kwon is very unpopular!

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Absolutely right, that's an interesting red flag 🚩

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lol the 100k was a meme on Twitter :D

Hey novo can you borrow 100k Bitcoin please :D

The guy with the luna tattoo :D

Look like this guy is a high educated Crypto bitboy :D ( didn't watch it)

They literally say to have found the transaction, so, let's call it a maybe.

posted a week ago about this meme :D link below on other comment :D

Is that thing still up?

what is up?

DahTweet of Dok

look name, it's a meme account that brought that up :D

But you are not the only one that falls for it :D

You should read the posts from me :D People got really mad of real Kwon because of that :D

If a post has 10 MEMEs and SOME text,... I never read the text. I should know better.




I think it stood out to me and I couldn't confirm it at that time. I also don't see how to defend UST with borrowed BTC?!

There are no funds, all meme :D

But many people will lose a lot of money because of this :D

If people really bet on it, they ger rekt as hell :D



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sure, thanks

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