We're getting scammed pretty good!

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We're getting scammed pretty good!

I can remember using Morpheuse, LimeWire , Kazaa, Netscape. I had an account with AOL 56kbps that blocked my phone and sounded like a FAX while dialing in.

The first websites I used, were totally unusable, and the first share I downloaded took 3 attempts to NOT BE BROKEN.

Please kill me for my next statement, but I don't think we made it that far from that point in time. Yes, we're faster and Yes, we have all that data and everything on our phones. Ok, cool.

But did we fulfill our destiny? Did we free the flow of information? Have we been lifting people up all over the world? Are education and authentic information finally available to everyone? Is the world more united than ever?

At least in the crypto space, we try right? Right?
Maybe this Bear was really necessary, to kill some scam off.

Let's do this.

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Yes the true, one of the true values of the bear market is indeed to kill off scams, so I hope it happens, along with the building of good programs too.

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That would be great, killing scams like a good disinfection jelly kills germs.

Feels like things were better 20 years ago. Now almost every thing is either a spy, a scam or a thief.

Somehow, I feel the same. What a strange thing to say and mean it.

The future we Are heading to,is far scary then today,

That's true

This is a healthy blow off. Strap in and stack em!

That's pretty good advice actually!