"A" is called, time to say "B"

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"A" is called, time to say "B"

The markets are down, the markers are way down. We've taken a real beating and we might not be done yet.

Let's be real, you FOMOd again into enemies of decentralization like Solana or Luna and you've taken profits from the high HIVE price without reinvesting or keeping cold reserves? Yeah, I thought so.

That makes it official you said "A", now say "B" and take the loss like a boss.

In all those years the fundamentals have never changed:

  • Leveraged trading is only making the market makers happy
  • #hodl in winter
  • buy when blood is in the streets
  • don't FOMO into nothing
  • Take enough profits
  • diversify W I D E

Anything new? Nah I don't think so.

How far will we drop? Could be another 50%, but that should be it. I understand if that hurts your feelings, but life is what it is.

I'll stick to #Hive, #hodl and keep moving.


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Cheers to the Winning spirit of patient Hodlers✊



he's got time


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Crypto makes people happy :D

NoNo that's Batman, you need to pull up Jason Born


He's the crypto.com guy who made adds with them at the peak of the market, people hate him now :D

was worth to search it :D