Free to Act

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Free to Act

There is no moral action without ultimate thought freedom. It's like growing a flower in a space with unlimited soil and but little to no air, at least there's enough room and nutrition to be anything we'd want. Follow your dream into the abyss.

Freedom is an unclear concept by itself. What really is it, that Freedom we're longing for? Full Catharsis for self-discovery? That is an endless process that ultimately leads to dissolving oneself. No..., we need Freedom in borders, we need consensus on what those borders shall be. Real strange...ain't it?

All the words are made possible by the particular freedom to choose out of a certain set of letters to form words and sentences which were pre-accepted for us. That is not the ultimate freedom, we can't just choose to use whatever signs we want... Tyranny of the alphabet :) I felt free to write this. I felt like it and now,

I own it, forever.

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What we are all looking for this to enjoy happiness for the day if you look for anything tomorrow then your life might just go past you

I can't ignore the fact that music seems to have the ability to touch me and carry me to places. I've never been a seeker of happiness. I've always wanted life to be colorful and loaded with emotional peaks of all kinds.

Agreed always being happy would be a false statement from anyone who would say they're always happy lol


It's also an irrelevant statement :)

I have been so distracted paying attention to what I like... it's been super nice. People should focus on whatever they feel attracted to... ignore the worry about "to disappoint" because of initial plans. Evolution comes from progress, not from NOT failing to keep promises.

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That sounds very Sam Harris right there! Do you have a fable for a particular philosopher?

Nah... and I made a little typo above... fixing it now (forgot the last NOT).

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