Some ugly RUNIs

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Big fat L in Splinterlands #spl #runi

A month ago I was able to secure two Runi Whitelist spots. No Tricks or OTC dealings, just the good old be-there when everything gets online and press the buttons.

The timeframe for claiming the Whitelist Runis was ~1 week, which can be forever measured in crypto price moves. Looking at the general price moves I decided to wait till the end of the period and that gamble was a failure. Over the last couple of days, ETH went up, even if not too extreme I still ended up overpaying nearly 100$ on the fixed ETH price sigh. Can happen, no big deal, ETH went up 17.7% over the last week and the Euro went down ~1% again.

The actual sour part is my mints. Tbh those are some boring & ugly RUNIs I minted there. Out of so many possible combinations, Backgrounds, chances of Gold Foil, Heads, Robes, or Armor... jeeeZ.

#hodl and forget for now.

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Looks like one of them has a ring for a hat. I have been hearing headware could potentially mean a slightly more rare RUNI but I haven't been paying close attention as I didn't participate.

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All the same, besides the Gold Foils obviously. It's just optics that matter because you can use the RUNI graphic to create and use commercially. That was the part that really "mattered"´as far as said in the Townhalls. Because you are allowed to create shirts, mugs, or whatever with your RUNI. So every RUNI was supported du be looking really unique and cool. Yeah, well, not so much.

!LOL - they are pretty funny looking. But fair play on getting two - thats quite cool !!

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Yeah, this will be just another of my #hodl positions

I'm waiting for further ETH NFTs down the road. Maybe I'll get better luck next time. The RUNIs should give me whitelist spots for those.



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