Introducing Decks and Waves

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Excited to share and introduce our new additions into

Decks 2.0 - next iteration of Social Dashboard, where you can manage and engage, explore everything on Hive and Ecency in a single page, making it one of the best way to surf and use Web3.0 social media with ease. Organizing and managing communities, staying in touch with favourite authors, engaging with your audience became super easy and simple.

Waves - introducing short-content creation and engagement with support to both #leothreads and #dbuzz feeds. You can easily create short-content (Wave) on Decks and specify where to publish it, we call them Wave hosts (ecency.waves, leothreads, dbuzz). Waves+Decks makes your consuming, creating and curating short-content on Hive joyful process.

Floating FAQ - floating helper that will guide and help new people joining with different functionality and features on each page, giving suggestions. We are very excited about what this can do and how this can help people navigating ins and outs of Hive and Ecency. We will be expanding this neat helper in future updates with probably live-chat, AI helper, etc.

Decks 2.0WavesFloating helper

What's new

Huge number of changes bundled into this release.

Full Changelog:

New Desktop app update is coming soon, after few days of testing for stability and fixes. | Desktop app | iOS app | Android app | Download Android APK and iOS IPA file


Delegate HP and earn Ecency Points + curation reward daily + help onboarding people

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Wow! Thank you so much to the development team for the fantastic new features. Honestly, even if I have not read the announcement of the latest update, I noticed it when I was posting content earlier, and I found it so great! Superb! And you are all incredible. You all deserve a resounding applause.

Thank you! Appreciate feedback! 🤗

Every update you guys put out only reinforces my belief that Ecency is the best front end for Hive.



Excellent job!

Wow so many new and little things fixed!

Special thank you from me to @adesojisouljay for taking so much time to find out the pin to blog issue. Just pinned my punks NFTs to my blog and it worked perfect ❤️


Any Plans for private Message Feature for Accounts (that follows wach other)?

Private messaging is in our roadmap this year, stay tuned shouldn't be long before proper implementation is ready.

perfect. Good luck! thanks for your work so far.
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well done ecency team.

Great work nice developments keep it up, I love to use @ecency, currently I am at 22th postion on daily leaderboard

Awesome works!

Can we put our desired tag in a column? I think at present we can only select one from the trending tags. For example, I want new posts with the #aliveandthriving tag only in a column. Is that feasible?

You can set up a deck for We are Alive Tribe community, but not yet for tags.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I can and I made one as well. The problem is too many pinned posts on the community home page. So, to get the new posts, I need to scroll a lot which is somewhat troublesome. I don't see any other option also. The "tag" option would be an alternative to get the new posts based on that tag.


Tell @flaxz not to pin so many posts! 😂 I need to be more aware of that in my communities, too!

TBH, I told him once in Discord. It seems he either didn't get time to look into it or all pinned posts are deserved to be there (according to him).


I did unpin quite a few posts, maybe we need to make collection posts to keep some of them pinned in a single post instead.


That sounds like a great solution! ♥️

@hafiz34! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @flaxz. (10/50)

Fantastic update! This will change how we access the Hive blockchain!

awesome! thank you so much for working hard to provide ease on our Hive blogging and engaging.

Nice guys. Time to explore it.

Lots of updates! I’m keen to try waves when I get to my laptop this evening 😍💙

You can use decks and waves from mobile phone as well. We made sure mobile browsers, chrome, brave, safari etc. supports it well. ❤️

Oh, ok. I shall check it out. Didn’t notice any difference in my mobile app this morning 🤷🏻‍♀️

It is available on only for now. Mobile app doesn't have these changes yet.

Ahh, that makes sense

Great work!

Seeing some new changes around and was waiting for this post to know what's new in this version.

Keep it up.. make it more Amazing!

Great updates @ecency team… I noticed a lot right away this morning. Thanks!
Have an awesome day.

@ecency! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @littlebee4. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Great new updates! More flexibility in navigating the Hive blockchain :)

This is wonderful! It is the only interface I am using to interact with the Hive blockchain!

Let us know how it works for you! 🚀🚀

Wow! This is great. I am excited to explore how to use it. Thanks for this information.

Excelente, me encanta.

Great struggle. Ecency team.

Awesome work, thanks so much for putting in so much effort 💙

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good stuff 😀

Awesome! Looks like great stuff is coming up!

Thank you all the developers team!!! You’re always improving Ecency for the best user experience. This is a powerful option to increase the engagement.
You rock, guys!! 🤩

Dear @ecency, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @palomap3.

I used deck earlier but Waves is new for ecency. I believe Waves is going to be very interesting and it was one of the most awaited features. I am sure everyone will enjoy it. 🙂..

This is an awesome development. I can't wait to try this out. It looks like a big boon to the Hive blockchain and will add value to a lot of users. Especially me.

Awesome! Looking forward to these new extensions!

Decks and waves are pretty awesome and with these building blocks one can do a great web3 social dashboard. Smart and innovative way to see your most interesting social platforms aggregated in the one place. Simply awesome!

Very impressive. I shall be exploring this. I have been mostly on peakd for the desktop (Ecency on mobile), but this configurable app is great.

Will replies to threads appear on Leofinance? I had been hoping to see this functionality working across the various dapps.

Yes, it should

This is amazing
Well done ecency team ✅

Excellent work, Ecency team! Congratulations!
I'm eagerly waiting for the decks and waves to become available on the mobile app too.

Simply go to and you can access decks from your mobile.

Thanks! 🙂 - I know that "around trick," but I was really thinking inside the app itself. 😊

Wow this is huge 🔥

when i try to add a topic i am redirected to another page

You can add communities and feeds and individual users etc. Not topics.

I thought this Topics option was for showing posts, but apparently it's just for showing tags.


Oh yes. Sorry. I was thinking of tags I haven't tried adding topics yet.

Great updates, guys! I'm still playing around with some of the settings and buttons, but I definitely like what I see! 🔥🔥🔥💪💜💛💙


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I’m so excited about new app update🙌🏼 Thank you dear team🌸 #ecency

Impressive updates, thank you for making our interaction with hive better with every update.

Wow this is certainly going to make life easier

Que buen aporte @ecency

works wonderfully well congratulations on the project, I see that there are 3 waves for me to choose from, would it be possible for me to create one myself?

Great News, you are the best. It’s posible make a liketu integration

Incredible update. I used #decks for the first time today and I love the #Ecency #waves too.
Keep it up!

I 💜 this! No more old notifications cluttering up the feed! Thank you!

Now if only the website would remember that I want to see only the unread notifications, so I don't have to click that every time ;)

Noted, we will consider adding that

Love decks!!! well done ecency you now have another user!

Pls let us comment from columns or when someone click on the comment icon, open the link in a new tab in the browser.

Awesome! 🥂😎

Is it possible to post a wave without seeing it in my blog/all post?

Yes, of course. It works that way by design unless you use wave host dbuzz

I love this!! I knew something was coming but not this hooge! @jhymi have you seen?

I've seen and I've just checked it....

Wow - just looked at Decks - it looks pretty awesome - nice work !

That's massive, and in a valuable format. Good to see the Best Of Change Log with so many references here on chain. Thanks for all your work everyone! !invest_vote

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