Ecency Decks Contest with 60 HBD and Points prizes

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Ecency Decks Contest

Enter before Tuesday June 13th!

To celebrate Decks we are hosting a contest this week. Create a post about Decks for an opportunity to win great prizes!


💙 1st Place- 30 HBD and 3000 POINTS

💙 2nd Place- 20 HBD and 2000 POINTS

💙 3rd Place- 10 HBD and 1000 POINTS

Honorable Mentions will receive POINTS

To Enter

Create a post with Deck setup tips or tricks, or Show us your unique way to use Decks.

Post into the Ecency Help Community - hive- 125126

Ecency team will judge the winners

Write a Wave and tell us if you intend to enter and we will be anxiously waiting to see your entry!

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people ( globetrottergcc, seckorama, hafiz34 ) sharing the post on LeoThreads,LikeTu,dBuzz.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 158 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks, Pix!

View or trade LOH tokens.

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Am seeing the new version of ecency but didn't give a try to explore the deck....but now it's a time to explore the deck and write a post on it.

Yes! That is exactly what I hoped the contest would fo!

Oh good! I will be looking forward to seeing your entry

Should I need to post my entry in comments? Thank you

@melinda010100! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @globetrottergcc. (5/50)

@melinda010100! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @globetrottergcc. (3/50)

finally! I am really enjoying this new feature

count me in

Me too! Let's tell everyone how great it is!

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Cool! I'll join this one!
I'm already a fan...

I am so glad that you are using Decks and Waves! I love seeing you there.

Deck's is really a great feature but for using decks I've to switch up in chrome because i used ecency app mostly, but i enjoyed this feature too 🤩

I switch between the app and the website, too! It's worth it.

Yes, it's interesting, but I'm confused that what should i posted in decks??

You do not post on Decks. They can be set to follow the content that you enjoy!

Think of Decks as folders. I have one for Ecency and in it I have the Ecency profile page, which is there automatically, the Ecency Community and the Ecency Help Community and a few other things I want to follow

Then I have Decks for each of my communities.Shadow Hunters, Feathered Friends and I have one for Photo Essay. I can set it up to see community posts and wallet pages etc.

I have one Deck for people that I am close friends with so that I don't miss their posts.

Here is Good Karma's video about Decks. It explains a lot.

Thank you
I'll check this video later

I'm trying to creat a deck for hive projects development. The main one I'm having trouble finding is hive updates, itself.

Then I want one for all the tokens.

I don't know. Maybe someone else can find an answer for you if you ask in Discord or a Wave. I track all my tokens in Ecency app wallet.

I mean what they can be used for. I know some are rewards from liquidity pools and some have white papers.

Surely Count me in!

I will surely write on this one soon!

I'll be watching for your Decks post!

I will definitely participate in this Contest.

I'll look forward to it!

I'll be looking forward to this.

Me too! I think we will all learn a lot!

I can't figure out how to slide it on my laptop 💻.

I believe devs are working to add a slider bar and better mouse function.

Now I am back with my entry! However, I mistakenly posted it on Ecency community instead of Ecency Help community, is it fine?

It's a great entry post. However, I worry that it won't be seen when they do judging. I'll make a note that it is there, but no guarantees,

Sure thanks! Hopefully they will see it. Can't change the community after publishing it 😅

Maybe write a new post later in the week with a link back to the original?

What do you mean "link back to the original"

And "new post".

Write a post and post it into the Ecency Help Community. You could say a few benefits that you have found by using Decks and then say here is a link to the post I wrote and published into the Ecency Community that details how I use Decks.

Can I do it in the form of a thread using ecency.waves instead? Then link back to my post.

Great post! I enjoyed reading it

Great post! Thanks for taking the time to write this!

This is really amazing 🤩🤩

Hope you write about your experience using Decks!


Best of luck to all participants.

Are you using Decks? Waves?

I have tried decks, but how we can open, more than 3 columns? do you have any video about it? @melinda010100

See if these screenshot help!

You can make as many 'folders' as you want.

At the bottom you can edit the folders

Hi @melinda010100 ma'am. What's the last date for the submission?

Tuesday 13th

Ok. Thanks

I'll be looking forward to hearing about your Decks! 😘

I am exploring Decks, so I may come up with an entry 🙂

Happy day, I had not had the time to create my entry, but I am excited to participate and show how I use my decks, today I will be participating!

Looking forward to seeing your post! The contest ends tomorrow.

I have loved the use that I can give it, this is my entry😊

nice miss