Would you rather be poor while finding the love of your life or have wealth without finding love?

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This is my first entry in this community and I do it with this question that I heard today on a music radio while driving on the highway to the city where I spend the night today.

During the rebroadcast of the music program between songs, several people came on the air and called the radio to give their opinion.

In the interval of 3 hours that I was connected to the program while it was connecting, I counted that 32 people had entered to give their opinion, being 20 women and 12 men, which moved in age brackets between 24 and 62 years, since during the intervention I asked them their age.

A result that did not surprise me

Of the 20 women participants, 16 women all felt that they preferred love in poverty. Almost all of them justified this on the grounds that they currently consider themselves poor because they have no physical property and that without their respective partners they would feel even poorer because they do not have the people they love by their side.

The four women I counted who preferred wealth had in common that they were the youngest women, financially independent at present, and justified their decision on the grounds that with money they could have luxuries, have greater popularity and as a result of that greater popularity they could reach love in other ways.

A result that surprised me in part

Of the 12 men who called the radio station, 10 men indicated that they preferred love in poverty and justified it mainly on the grounds that from a stable couple relationship they could create a positive atmosphere from which to work together, saving part of the income derived from the jobs they might have and thus reach a comfortable life or even with perseverance reach wealth.

In the case of men, unlike the case of women, the two men who bet on wealth were already people over 50 years of age and justified the decision in that in love they had had bad experiences and therefore kept the money so that they could invest it in any type of activity that could cause them pleasure such as traveling, spending it with friends and even one indicated that in the absence of love good was sex even if it was for rent with a tone of voice half joking, but I think he said it seriously.

My opinion

My opinion is that many relationships break down at times when there are economic difficulties or disputes over community money that a couple may have. Therefore, in poverty to achieve full happiness, even when you are with the love of your life seems complicated to me.

On the other hand, having wealth and not having a partner to enjoy it could be a dangerous starting point to fall into bad vices, since as social human beings we need to be loved and to love another person.

Faced with this dilemma, I think it is easier to start from the most favorable economic situation and from there I think it will be easier to find love and especially to stabilize it without the tensions that can give the lack of money in a couple no matter how much love there is between them.

What do you think?

I would like to see your vision on this possible choice.

Best regards.

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