64 Minutes to get from Novice to Silver... Guaranteed?

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I have tried to get many a friend and family member to play Splinterlands... but it always ended badly because they had no clue which cards to rent and how to play them. Now they can watch the video and use the deck i have linked here and pay 17-20 cents and they can skip through BRONZE which let's face it is not very competitive because it's full of level 1 accounts playing the same couple of lineups non-stop.

So if you were ever interested in playing splinterlands and you want some expert advice ... I may not be good at some of the higher leagues but i practically can't loose in bronze league against these low level teams.

I wish I could tell those friends to try the game again and have a much more enjoyable winning first experience.
Of course i still have to tell them that they need to pay $10 for a splinterlands account (spellbook) and install a browser extension called "hive keychain" and then get their keys from splinterlands to put in the extension. That part may now be the most complicated part.


We came out with this feature on FRIDAY over at @peak-monsters / peakmonsters.com
It's taken the game by storm with hundreds of users already excitedly creating decks to facilitate renting (thematic decks) and in a sense taking notes (lineup decks) ... That's what you do in every game/sport ... you gotta study and figure out what the best do.


The proof is in the video... the entire process is recorded and you can watch it in 2x speed.

Using this deck https://peakmonsters.com/decks?deck=227e33a4-92e8-482e-8984-c5921bff5804

And Using 175 credits of rentals it took me 76 minutes to get to SILVER on an account that had never played before. But I did get a good deal on Yodin (though i played with plado more)

  • But i inputted 21 new decks so if you don't have to that will save you 6-7 minutes
  • With upcoming one click rent you'll save another 5 minutes probably.
    So I think you could get to silver in 64 minutes... maybe a lot less if you watch less of the games.

How long did it take you? Go give it a try.

novice to silver.png


I've seen the possible new feature on a youtube video and it's actually something that Splinterlands need. I think every card game popular has the deck customization feature or deck builds which is strongly needed by new players. I am waiting eagerly for it. I also heard that you can do your own deck builds and save it. I love that part because I already have certain builds that I needed every game and renting those cards with one click saves me a lot of time.

Great feature, thanks for pushing Splinterlands forward with it.

This is one of the best updates I've seen! I have a question, are you interested in translating your site into Spanish? I could take care of that like I did with the game.

Also, if I would make a small suggestion. I hope you can allow the favorites system to include in the My Cards section, that would help a lot.

That means, if I have a specific cards that I own but I wanted to rent a higher level on that, I can click a star on my owned cards to add them in my favorites, then go click rental, and click on favorites filter to see that along with my other favorites. That's 3 clicks.

The workaround here right now is, check what I want in my owned cards, go to rental, TYPE the name of the cards to search, then click the star to add to my favorites. This sounds easy to do but when I have like 20+ cards I wanted, I needed to search for each and it's a big hassle since I needed to type the name of each. Sometimes, I just don't rent coz the hassle isn't worth it especially if they're backup cards.

You can create decks now and call them favorites. haha
You can also make decks pretty easily by selecting cards you own... then going to decks and hitting the IMPORT


Yeah, I saw the import one on the video. That's great that you can put the decks in the favorite section for easy rentals. I'll do it now. Thanks.

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