Fallen tree

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I took this photo a couple of months ago when I went for a photo walk. This tree fell on a stormy day a long time ago. It's still laying there on the same spot.


Shutter Speed1/50 sec
Focal Length30 mm

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Shot with: Nikon D7500 / Nikon DX VR AF-S Nikkor 18-140 mm 1:3.5-5.6 G ED.
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Seeing this picture makes me miss summer already. I saw you made a post recently that winter has come early. Same here ! We’ve had snow storms here recently, how about you guys ?

Sorry for the late reply! Same here, November and December have been very cold!

It says a lot about endings and beginnings when the new day has a part of the fallen tree from the day before. Imagine the shelter it will provide for other organisms now that is has laid down. A challenge for some trying to cross its path and an inspiration for another inspired by its sacrifice as the wheel of time spins on.


Amazing dead tree with the wonderful scenery in the background! Great shot! 🙂

seems like its an quite place, would like to go there:)

bu güzel paylaşım için teşekkürler. devrilmiş ağaç üzerinden manzara güzel görünüyor.