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Hey everyone!

Been a while since I've posted as I've been and am still currently traveling for something unrelated to the project but wanted to take the time to write a quick post about some things regarding the game as I've still kept myself busy getting people together and working on certain Zing stuff.

I wanna start this post off with some cool stats the team wanted to share with you all of the website traffic and also thank everyone getting involed in the project, we're just shy off of 3M HP in delegation after a few weeks of launch which is quite crazy considering there's only like 400m Hive in existence and half is liquid.

Bear in mind these stats are only since a few days ago when @asgarth set up the analytics.


This chart is for today in comparison.


This I guess represents Hive quite well too, the only outlier seems to be the Spanish community not being as active with Zing compared to Hive.


We're looking forward to seeing these numbers grow over time and for when they do, we want to be ready to welcome them to Zing and Hive!

To do that, we're going to be implementing a metamask login to give people guest accounts where they in the future when the game is in beta, will be able to test the game out with "tutorial"/"temporary" assets until they decide to buy a healer and starter pack. Doing so will then enable the creation of a free Hive account that will link to their metamask/guest account and they'll be given a quick warning about keys and how they work, why they should save them properly and of course suggest to download keychain. The Hive account will be a must for them to be able to trade and transfer assets and tokens.

This will also enable us to accept purchases in other coins on Holozing.com when the starter sale launches as we want as many people to be involved as possible for the "genesis" "packs". I realize I'm quoting quite a few words here but many of them have yet to be decided on names since they won't technically be packs and the starter sale might have a different name.

With the starter sale we also want to introduce referral rewards to accounts but we're thinking about the best way to go about that as well as we don't want random people to go around spamming them and put our project in a bad light but instead only give them out to holders of zing/assets that have some skin in the game to mitigate abuse. Which means it'll most likely grow from within to the outside space. We have some cool ideas for some referral tactics I think the community will like, especially considering how unique they are and hope to share more of that with you soon.

In terms of other developments, we're still working on the card design with outsourced artists and continuously working on the game logic to have most implementations ready for closed alpha with borrowed assets we want a selected few to try and help us balance and fine-tune the starter creatures and healers.

There's a lot more to say about what I've written about here today but I'm both short on time currently and I think some of them are better presented when deployed than discussed prior, so I'll leave it at that. :D

Hope you're all doing well and having fun claiming zing as the website analytics indicate. :D

Looking forward to share more with you all soon!


Congrtats, looking great!

Just curious what are the plans for that 3M HP?


For the voting power, we'll be inviting dedicated and experience curators in the near future to curate Holozing related posts and other gaming content. This will allow it to also work as a marketing tool to attract gamers into our ecosystem.

As for the rewards, they'll be only used for the game, such as team, development, artists, maintenance, scaling, potential marketing, etc. What they won't be used for is to buy back zing tokens or in any other way where it would deem to profit a single person/entity alone. Similarly we won't be printing zing tokens for things like paying freelancers/team members through it, marketing, etc, aside from the current assigned inflation to HP delegators, staking rewards, LP rewards and future gaming rewards.

Also of course claim account tokens for account creation.


It's strange that the Brazilians don't appear in this regional graph, there are a lot of BRs delegating and some in the pool. I myself make 2 or 3 visits a day...lol

Is there any roadmap or forecast for the launch of the "starter pack" and any approximate idea of values? I want to plan so that I can buy enough to have a lot of fun with the game. :)

Here's a longer list for all 3-4 days rather than the one just from today I posted.


No forecast for that yet, will depend a lot on the artist and some back-end programming for things like provably fair calculations. When we know more we'll post about it in time!

This looks great and it's nice to see that people from many countries are part visiting zing website.

Amazing! I'll be on the lookout for news!

Yeah!! 38 Greeks!
Did not know we were so many here!
Hey ya all, reveal yourself!!

Hmmm where's Singapore? :P

Probably further down is my guess. :p

Hehe! I see!

Allow me to improve India's position on the chart. Time to claim my $ZING again!

Cool chart, keep us updated!

we'll be introducing referral links for the starter sale soon too!

Good to get some updates about the project and it's great that we are not going to be for hive. Global exposure is neded having as many people possible will be good for the game project. As of now zing reward is going great and not at all worried about the zing price. Only focus is on zing accumulation through- stake, delegation, LP and Posh. Thanks for the update.

Still locking in that daily claim (or well really I find myself doing it about 4 times a day lol) I don't like it sitting in there not collecting more zing 😂 I'll for sure be interested in the referral system and eager to hear how that will all work. (then benefits of building on other platforms outside of hive is reach)

It's good that you'll be looking into attracting players from outside the ecosystem and a lite account could be the easiest way for them to jump in without any hassle.

Thankyou @acidyo for Game project holozing game updates, really excited for your live game, my focus on collecting more #zingtoken just by staking, hp delegation, trading as i don't have any POSH token...

this will be my first web3 game ...

Thanks for the update. Do you have the artists under contract yet, or are you still looking for them? I'm still waiting for my first batch of ZING to unstake so I can put it in the liquidity pool.

We've found an artist for the card designs, no contract in this case as it's quite limited work so freelance will do.

Yeah, I'm unstaking a little on my main account to add to the LP but couldn't resist buying a bit today to increase my position after the drop that "finally" occurred. There might be more on the horizon.

Okay cool. There are some really great artists on the chain who I was going to point you towards if you didn't have one already. Yeah, you can always count on people to not have diamond hands, can't you.

We'd love to hire people on chain, but for a specific look we were going for we couldn't find many currently active (the kind of anime style for creatures and healers and 3d realistic looks of "pack opening" and card designs. We do wanna run some art contests in the near future which might lure some good ones out. :D

That is cool, I understand!

Kinda strange,
I've delegated some HP to the holozing account but I get no notifications whatsoever of the amount of zing I'm getting.
Nor am I seeing the token on my wallet....

Is there somewhere particularly I'm meant to check it?

Are you sure you delegated to the correct account? It should be @zingtoken, not holozing. You also need to login with keychain on the website once for rewards to start accumulating which then need to be claimed to land in your wallet.

I see

I delegated to holozing...

No problem 😊

I think even with the numbers going up, a lot of users are still yet to know about this Awesome game and I hope they do find out about it soonest.

I'm looking forward to knowing more if how the game works. Well done to the team for how far they've gone, I believe this is going to be really rewarding to everyone and even to the hive blockchain

Plausible Analytics! Niiiice

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Get that FOMO train going!

Greetings @acidyo, this new project is really interesting. My partner @gaboarzola was mentioning me a lot about it and I feel it will promise a lot. He is very excited about the game coming out soon.

I would like to join but with some games I tend to be very bad, or very slow to learn hahaha, and although I don't know how I'll do with this one, I admit I'm a bit scared of it.

However, I send you my best wishes for your project and that everything goes perfectly. 🤗❤

Metamask now that is an interesting option, and a good move. An order of magnitude more of people will have heard of metamask than of hive. I like the logo but was intrigued as it could be my chromebook and old eyes but was not in the game UI theme.
Good luck with all the artists and getting game up and running.

We have a few "logos" going on atm. :D

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Some interesting stats and analysis about the Holozing project. Things are gearing up. It's all started well.

These stats are really great, man. I hope you have a great trip. I'm really excited about the project. It was weird not to see Turkey in the list, but I saw it in the large list you shared in the comments. Still, I think it's not enough. I wonder if I translate the whitepaper of the game into Turkish, can we attract more users?

Can't hurt to try I guess.

I look forward to the project.
RPG + Pokemon = The best idea

I like it too! :)

I love the project apart from being a pokemon fan. count on me to be a tester or to make impressions when the project comes out. Ah I am Colombian I speak spanish, but I am always aware of what is coming out of holozing.

Will be this feature with login as a guest account via metamask added to the white paper or to the road map?

It's not a big enough a project for the roadmap, but we'll definitely squeeze it into the whitepaper somewhere once its implemented along with updating it with more things we've pushed out by then.

Proud that Venezuela has a place in this chart! I will be delegating in the next few days as well and will join the game as soon as it comes out

Proud to be among the Italians visiting daily the site... well, 2/3 a day to be honest 😂

As someone who completely missed Splinterlands, being here now make me feels quite excited... I hope to succed in building a solid position since the beginning!

And I also hope to see more of the game soon :) I'm really curious about the graphics and gameplay: I don't know if you already said it, but HoloZing will be a browser-game or a "regular" game?

browser and mobile for starters ^^

That's great, I'm looking forward the mobile versione, as I often don't have access to a pc.

Also, the mobile gaming market is huge, so getting there the game as soon as possible could help it grow a lot :)

It is nice to see the Philippines up there on the stats. I really like the plan of incorporating Metamask to the game. It can encourage players from other tokens to try it out and interact. I don't know how easy it will be for you guys to create a free account for everyone that tries it out.

free hive accounts will only be provided for those who've bought some starter assets which are also required to do things in the game.

Hi @acidyo,

I'm writing to report a problem: I haven't been able to access the site for a few days because I'm blocked by the antivirus. Avast reports the file api.holozing.com as being infected with a botnet virus.

Immagine 2023-11-12 105529.jpg

Have you had any reports? Is it a false positive? Do you report the problem to Avast?

Thank you

haven't heard of anyone else reporting this, no.

Now everything is OK

Sounds like the development is going great. I like the idea around the demo being just a holozing account and not needing a hive account, and then only needing a hive account once someone wants to start on the play2earn side of things - great idea.
Best of luck - looking forward to hearing more !

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Great to see an update about Holozing! I ofcourse get it that you're traveling so it's not easy at all, but still, love updates! :D

Nice logo! 😎😉🤜 lookin like some prism or glass..

i like that 'grow from within' approach. yea scammers.. stay away! :P

Haha I don't see my country on the list! :(
Thanks for the update!

That 3M HP out of 200M stakes is crazy. It appears that HoloZing is capturing Hivians' attention.

I love to see PH in the 2nd place. Hope to see that number grow as the launching of the game draws nearer.



Why not wish that PH gets the 1st place instead of just 2nd place? 😅

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Yeah. It is bringing some excitement although the game is yet to launch. It's nice to see PH users in the top ranks.

Yeah the number of published articles in the tribe is also impressive. I could hardly catch up with all of them.




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I know its still early but some gameplay video could be nice

Yeah a bit too early for that still.

yea... I knew... still gamer can dream😅

Greetings from Venezuela, friend @acidyo, I am glad to be one of the 14 people in Venezuela who daily visit the official HoloZing website, to claim the Zing tokens generated by my delegation.

Weeks ago I told you that my delegation was 150,000 HP and that I would eventually increase it as my HP in my account increases, today I was just delegating and I saw the opportunity to make a slight increase in my delegation, I hope to continue adding support for the project little by little.

So far I have accumulated almost 200.00 Zing in Stake (I don't know if it is a decent/minimal/enough amount) of course, everything is based on my delegation, if I could delegate more, surely the amount of Zing in stake would be higher.

gaboarzola's Zing Staking.png

Anyway, I am very happy to see the progress of my HoloZing balance. I am very much looking forward to being able to put it to use in the game soon.

As always, thankful that you are not eventually updating important data about the project. I hope your reason for travelling is very productive and I also hope you are enjoying it.

Many thanks for the update. I am looking forward to the launch as I missed Splinterland - I'm intrigued and busy claiming. I am happy that the game will be marketed to non- Hivers who will be able to join in the fun as well as a free Hive account.
Nice to see all the countries currently involved.
All the best wishes to yiou and the team for the next phase of the project.
Enjoy yiour travels.

Well. Let's wait for our Zing giveaways to amplify my METAMASK wallet. Thanks @acidyo #spanish #gentenueva

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