Holozing Light Healer with M1uM1u Fanart

Hi Holozing and hive! I am here with another Holozing Fanart and this time is Holozing Forest Light Healer with M1u M1u. The heat index saga here in PH still continues and it's really hard to do some heavy work load during this time but still I got some time to draw this fanart of Light healer. I decided to do the eyes similar to that of Ai Hoshino from Oshinoko.

light healer.jpg

Okay! Enough of that intro let's head into the art process...


Materials Used: clip studio paint software and drawing tablet which is XP PEN artist 12
  • The very first thing I always do is to do some rough sketch in blue color, while for some this is not that important but for me it is the core of my artwork since in this particular stage the brainstorming and ideas flows a lot.


  • Creating a clean lineart process, I always increase the stabilization of the brush so I could create a cleaner lineart with less effort.
  • From here on out is the coloring process of the base colors starting from Light healer's skin and hair up to M1u M1u.




  • Then here is the fun part as always is the rendering process which consumes a lot of my time



light healer.jpg

This is all for now let us meet on my next art post here on hiveblog!

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Miu Miu looking annoyed as usual haha. I liked the edge lighting 👍.

thanks bro haha i like the grumpy looking face of this kitty

Ohh it's m1u not Miu 😆

Nice work with the glow touch! 😊


thanks Jiji hahaha yeah its M1u


whyyyy so pretty!!

Thanks po Witty

Supppaa Cute 💓

Thank you Bro

So pretty, the kitty cat looks cute too, it has this grumpy look in it's face uwu. The eyes of the healer looks pretty too.

he's inspired by this runt :D


Oh my, so cuteeeee, but I think this cutie is planning something really mean 😆. Are you his hooman?

Wow! it is so beautiful to see the source of inspiration!

Thanks ruffa

awws been traveling so much lately I started missing my miu when seeing this

Hi acid have a safe travel and hope you prioritize your health.


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Your drawing is beautiful, that MIU MIU always with a straight face!