So About That ECR....

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I have to admit something...

I have never really paid much attention to the energy capture rate within the game. Mainly because in the past, I'd do my daily quests and that was about it. Which never took me more than about 10 tries to get the needed 5 wins.

But also, I rarely, if ever, cared about the DEC I would earn per win. It just wasn't a factor in my desire to play the game. Those loot chests potentially had legendary cards in them, so for me it was all about the chests!

Obviously, there has been a major change in the game, with the focus quests and that has made me...Play the game much more!

So much so that this is my new...ECR percentage and where it seems to hover around...


And apparently, it's never good to go under 50%!

But why?

Isn't this just for DEC rewards? Maybe I'm confused at the whole process because to me it looks like the game is penalizing players who want to play...A lot.

That's really why I'm making this post because I've noticed a few things since the change and I'm not sure exactly what it all means...

  1. My ECR used to trickle down. Even when I played a lot it never seemed to go under 80% and then regenerated in a day or so. But now, it seems like each match takes multiple percentages off my rate?

  2. Apparently we shouldn't let it go under 50%? Is this true and why / why not?

  3. But mostly...How the heck do us addicted players, keep playing the game when our ECR seems to drain and we are punished for...Playing the game?

Again, I could care less about the silly DEC, I'm only worried about doing my focus quests lol

My longest streak ever was 10 until this past week, when I hit my new streak..


Degen alert!!


Just hoping for some of you savvy Splinterlands players to point me in the right direction for an explanation of how this new ECR works and asking the big question....

What the heck does ECR actually do or what is it stopping us from doing? lol


There has been no change to the way ECR works as long as you stay above 50%. Once you go below 50% it now drops five times faster than it used to. Focus points scale with ECR, so if you want more chests then you should let it recharge.

So it's a penalty for those that want to play the game a lot. I get them wanting to protect the rewards, but how about a DEC nitro boost or something...Where you have to spend DEC / SPS etc...To increase your ECR or something...

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That is actually in the pipe🤓 You can soon buy potions to recharge your ECR and I beleive they will drop in chests as well (not that I want that lol).

Btw, the new penalty thingy is to stop bots but it is actually looking like stopping people like you and me as well... not good😆

Yeah there's got to be a way for regular users like us, to not get penalized for wanting to play the game more.

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I like that idea. Burn some DEC to get more rewards!

Personally, I think you should take maybe the weekend off and let your ECR recover to close to 100%. The change to ECR under 50% feels like a quality of life change for human players. SPL is trying to encourage us to play less :)

With the changes to how the daily focus gives you a + bonus, if you get an Element focus, your boost to RP/FP is nuts! So its worthwhile to play less, but aim to play better.

Yeah for sure, that's what I'll end up doing. Want it back to at least 80-90% before I start playing again.

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I think the 50% threshold was implemented to avoid people gaming the system. I don't get how they could do it...

Understandable for sure. But I think maybe accounts with a certain amount of power, shouldn't be affected? Not sure of how they could do that...

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ECR is more like a way to earn DEC, ranking points, and focus chests. It's similar to how we deal with HP on chain and you don't really earn that much for draining it that low. I tend to focus on doing around 30 matches a day or so. This way, I try to make the most of my energy while getting the most rewards.

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I'll plan my attack much better now that I know. 20-30 games a day will be the max.

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I don't really understand the reasoning behind depleting it faster once you are below 50% either. I suppose it's to combat bots somehow. I was like you, I didn't really pay any attention to my capture rate. But after they announced this change, I looked and saw I was hovering around 25%. Hmm

So I decided to stop playing for awhile and just rent out everything. The idea of missing legendary pulls is eating at me, but even accounting for the legendaries I have pulled in the past my average take is much higher now, so it's a win I guess. (But I miss playing now. haha)

I literally took all my cards off the rental market a few weeks ago because I was so addicted to playing lol Looks like I might have to get them back on.

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Depleting ECR under 50% is mainly to curb the bots, like you don't mind the ECR, the bots care less about it as well with Focus mainly on chests. Unfortunately human players gets affected with these changes to combat the bot.

I have managed to bring my ECR to the 80s and only deplete it to 70s when I do my Focus that way I stay healthy.
I think you should try staying above 50% though.

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Yeah after 24 hours off, I'm back over 50%...I'll let it sit for another day before I start playing again...Sucks cause right now I have a WATER quest LOL

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Focus points and Season points are multiplied by the ECR to get the final answer for each battle you win.
Example your current wild Rating is 3234.
If your ECR was 100% and you have 7 gold cards you would get the following.
323432343234/1000/100011.7 = 57500
With an ECR of 23.67% you get
323432343234/1000/1000.23671.7 = 13610

So it looks like it might take 4 wins to get one chest instead of one win for the first chest of the season.

Yes we get around a max of 25-30 battles per day while maintaining ECR.

Sounds like there is some ECR exploit that some farmers are using to run the ECR down to zero in one day and then switch accounts. Allowing the first account to recover while playing other accounts.

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So I basically need to stop playing for a few days to recover it all LOL

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Yes that is the sad part.

Otherwise start an alt account and delegate some cards to it. 24 hr cooldown on any cards that have been played in battles.

Rating is seperate from ECR. So your ECR can be zero% and you still get your +20 or -20 per battle in rating points. I could see pushing hard at start of season to obtain your normal rating of Diamond 3 or Diamond 2. Take a few days off and then work for your 8 or so focus chest each day once the ECR has recovered. I am not sure what normal chest per day is with the new changes in focus points.


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