So WTH Do We Do Now?

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This morning sucked....

I dunno about you guys, but for the past 365 days I fell in love with waking up and seeing that super sexy SPS air drop into my account!

And as you know by now, the year is up and we've moved onto the next phase of SPS.

I was listening in on the townhall yesterday and I think they summed it up perfectly...

"We've moved from distribution to actual use case for SPS!"

That should make everyone who holds SPS very excited!

And it left me thinking to myself....

I really like the potential of this governance token, and the plans they have outlined for it...

"Hey Jongo, you should probably come up with a plan to stack some more SPS on top of the staking rewards you are getting!"

So I started to do some homework...

Someone shared this graphic inside of the townhall chat and it's from @peakmonsters


You can see this graphic by clicking on 'SPS & DEC Rewards' in the top right of your PeakMonsters account.

Anyways, this outlined the different liquidity pools that are paying out to providers and check out some of these numbers...


Now these have gone down since yesterday but still 190% APR for the SPS:Swap.Hive liquidity pool on TribalDex!

I mean.....

lol No brainer if you believe in the long term potential of SPS and Splinterlands as a whole.

So I thought....Hey Jongo, you believe in this game and you think SPS is going to be a solid token going forward, let's begin the accumulation of SPS.....The non-air drop way lol

Now I am now the dude with dozens of Bitcoin and Ethereum just sitting around, so this is a slow and steady approach. But I plan on taking my rewards that I get every day and then once a week, providing more liquidity for that pool.

Again....No brainer for me, because I believe in #Splinterlands !

But this is NOT financial advice LOL This is just what I plan on doing because I really miss my SPS air drop....And it's only been 24 hours lol

What about you?

Do you have any plans to accumulate more SPS?


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Indeed mate! Miss it too! Therefore I am going to buy as much nodes as I possible can, because then I will get SPS rewards all day long for as long as the game exist😉

We didn't dive into the nodes yet...Still trying to figure it all out. I'm sure it'll bite me in the butt not taking action from now lol

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I haven't figured the present APR yet, but you get 7 vouchers a day in time of writing and with only that taken into consideration you would break even in December, lol. If that was not enough you will get SPS payouts starting from august. I calculated that would be something around 42 SPS a day. So you get back your investment in november sometime..

PS! I did get one from pre-sale which only cost me like $1300, now it is like $2000 unfortunately... so you would prob break even in Feb... (with todays prices).

cheers mate, I will write about the above very soon 🤠

I am not sure I would join that pool because I am unsure how SPS price will move. The APR might be high but the IL can offset the losses. I do think SPS will be higher in future but I am not sure because they are going to be replacing chest rewards with SPS.

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In my opinion, IL only matters if you don't really value both tokens. I dont care if I get more / less Hive or SPS....So that's never a concern for me.

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I'm curious about that 190.88% APR. Because beeswap only lists 1.439% for the same LP. Why the huge difference...?

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Ya I'm very confused as well. I have no idea where these rewards are being sent lol

I am still looking for the payout on these liquidity pools.
I put a token amount into one of them to see if they are paying out.