Splinterlands Strategies: Are the Days of Renting Over?

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I haven’t played Spinterlands this much in ages!

The desire to get just one more chest is quite intoxicating. But it’s not all roses and rewards. Let me tell you what I have seen regarding the Rewards Revamp. It’s a tale of two stories.


I am currently playing a Diamond level account that has 250,000 CP, so qualifies for Diamond III, though it always gets in Diamond II (but can’t get the 50 chests).

The @dismayedworld account has Level 6 Summoners of the Earth, Fire, and Dragon splinters with a host of support cards including a L3 Dr Blight.

Having been relegated to Gold III due to the end-of-season reduction in ranking points, I was having a tough time winning.

As a general rule of thumb, I wait a couple of days and let the Diamond accounts climb back up making playing easier.

However, like everyone else I couldn't wait to give these new rewards a go. It went slowly, I and was given the Death Focus which is not a bad one.


The daily focus finished a few hours ago, and I managed a measly 3 chests. Within them, I found better rewards than the 7 or so I would normally get at Gold III but it was hard work playing.

From what I see in the Splinterlands Mavericks channel, other players are pulling sizable DEC rewards. Mine was not so bad at 112 DEC.

...'not my chests, but Diamond chests. There are not half juicy'...

When put into context 112 DEC is around 11c. Gone are the days when it was 10x this value.

Renting my cards using @dismayedworld would generally yield around 1000 DEC a day.

So why should I play?

It's all related to the league that you finish in the previous season. For this account it was Diamond. When playing in the lower Gold league you can't expect masses of Focus points per win.

Within a few days, @dismayedworld will be in Diamond again and I will be expecting a lot Focus points per win which means more daily chests and many more end of season ones.

…which leads me to the second story.


My wife's account, @bings-cards has around 37,000 CP which qualifies it for Silver III and almost Silver II. I have been building this deck up slowly at first using cards that rented well but more recently upgrading the 5 Chaos Legion summoners to L2 and supporting cards.

I canceled all the rents at the end of last season and have started playing this account from Novice.

Bronze was the league this account finished the previous season and so I noticed the difference in Focus points right away.


Bronze is still undated with BOT accounts (that now earn nothing) and with my L2 Summoners, and L3 Commons I breezed up to Bronze 1 quite easily.

The @bings-cards account was yielding me around 100 DEC a day and is due to yield 12 chests and 22 season chests after a single day of playing.

That's quite a difference compared to my other account.

I like the idea of 150 end-of-season chests though they are Bronze ones. One could not dream of that many from a Bronze account under the old schema!

I am so caught up in this that I have decided to pull one of my ‘big’ accounts out of the cupboard, brush off the cobwebs and reinstate it.


@bingbabe is another Diamond level account, which could easily creep into Champions III if I allow it.

Recently I have upgraded the Chaos Legion summoners on this account to MAX and with support from the likes of Yodin Zaku and Prince Renynn, it's going to be a blast (literally) taking this account up through Bronze and gaining heaps of chests.

...'@bingbabe nets me 2.5k DEC a day in rentals. That's $2.50 in 'real money'...

I still have a further 2 accounts that are 'rent-only' ones but with the demise of the BOTS, they are yielding less DEC for me daily. A MAX Bonesmith, not bad card.. but look at the pitiful yield?


I say the demise of the BOTS lightly as its early days, but when I see my cards a MAX level in this sorry renting state it makes me think.

Many of my cards were mass rented by BOTS. They fed me well.

…’is it time to play with ALL my decks?’…

Despite the sour tone of some regarding 'not enough chests', I say to these people.. rank up. You are getting crap focus points as your league and rank are too low compared to last season.

Wait a few days if you can handle it! Things will get better the more the season advances.

I haven’t been this excited about Splinterlands in ages. Did I already say that? Well… nearly.


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too many accounts to manage.....

I know you somehow do it, and I am sure there is incentive keeping them separate. However, I am of the opinion, less is more. I have pushed this agenda for a while, and I think finally game is turning in the direction.

Yes, it is more work but the incentive for me to keep them separate is more chests. If there was a bigger incentive offered such as 'accounts with more than 1,000,000 CP are awarded more' then I would happily combine them.

yes, I think that would be the general direction the incentive should go. Higher CP, High Stake.....higher rewards. Or at least some fraction of the total incentives.

If you have their ear.., put it to them. I have well over 1,500,000 CP combined. Would make my life a lot more simple too!

Decentralization sucks! :) :)

You know how I feel about the new rewards so far... :) We will see what happens as the seasons progresses.

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I do.., under the old rules you would have got 6 or 7 chests I think. Would any have 96 DEC inside? Not as bad as it looks.. and what you received was quite bad.

I'm struggling to win many battles in Bronze I despite reasonable cards. I don't want to be playing for hours for measly rewards. Maybe it will improve in a few days as people move up.

Try and avoid Life (General Sloan). Water and Earth are hot and easy to rank up in Bronze. The example I provided was Earth, Magic is quite overwhelming in Bronze. I did add a few extras such as Flesh Golem (tank) and Queen Mycelia (shields).

Some really good points and perspective.
I've enjoyed the changes, I think it gives it a bit of depth now and wanting to keep playing. I do seem to max at 3-4 chests though which seems a little off putting being that the possible is 15. I feel like I'm doing something wrong but from what I have been hearing is it should be impossible to get all of those each day. Idk that seems kind of counter productive in terms of mindset for playing this game. I feel unfulfilled each day nothing maxing it out.
Renting might be worth it if you want to get into that higher tier I still see this causing a big run on cards 48 hours at the end of the season to level up tiers for the next season. It might make someone hold on to rentals for longer though plus they can lock in some better cards and start building their decks through renting. Will be interesting!

The end of season is going to be different I feel. Season after season, the rents were higher. Now its all throughout the season, but I feel many will wait a few days after the shininess has worn off.

It felt crap on my Diamond account to get just 3 chests. I would have normally got 7 in G2, but the contents exceeded the probable ones in those 7. 112 DEC is not normal in todays Splinterlands, or wasn't in the old schema.

As an experiment, I’m sitting out playing this season and just renting out most of my deck. Meh, it’s looking like about a 14% yearly ROI so far. I could do better with HBD saving. 😅

Will likely go back to playing again next season but need to build my deck up to Gold league CP as grinding it out in Silver seems to be losing its appeal for me.

You stopped playing when all this happened? The good thing about that is your ranking will drop at the end of this season and if you do start playing again, it should be good for chests if you have the cards next season.

A similar situation to the @bings-cards account. 150 at the end of season sounds good right?

You stopped playing when all this happened?

Ever the contrarian/odd man out…

Well, that 14% didn't last long, it's now under 7%.

Change of plans — I'm canceling all my rentals and will start playing again tomorrow.

You picked the worst possible time to rent. Older cards are doing OK, CL ones and reward.. terrible.

Market timing has never been my forte. 😅

I hear you Slobberchops, I'm currently in Silver III trying to get to Silver II with 110,000 CP.

It's very much you win one, you lose one or two, but hey it's more exciting.

As I finished last Season in Gold III with a rating of 2600 enough to be in Gold I if I had enough card power it's come as a shock.

Maybe that's because more people are playing though, which would be a good thing.

It will be easier if you can stop yourself from playing. I can't right now, this is the biggest shake-up we have seen in a long time. People are not happy with it now, but it will get better. Its the start of season blues.

it's been brutal so far... only fot 3 chests in gold III as well! So I guess a lot of people are playing again... Also, the rental market seems to be absolutely terrible currently with all cards's value gone almost to 0?

Also, the rental market seems to be absolutely terrible currently with all cards's value gone almost to 0?

Yes, this is why I am starting to play my rental accounts. More players after those rewards, more competition?

I guess the market will soon figure it out. The current prices are way too low for sure...

The rental market is going to be different. It's not going to be the same cycle as I covered in my posts. Typically, in a season there are two or three brawls and those will be times when spikes in rental prices happen, but they will not be as dramatic as End of Season price spikes.

More cards are also being released into the rental market because we are being disincentivized from playing a splinter that is not in our focus. So those cards are going to fill up the supply of the rental market.

As long as the player base stagnates, the conditions will not be favorable for those looking for stronger returns with rentals. This is going to probably be a rough summer, just wait until the weather cools down and people are back inside again for another crypto pump (Q4).

We are not going back to the days of End of Season inflation where 29-49 CP/DEC was prevalent. I'd expect more stable rental prices throughout a season.

The vilified bot farms were filling up the coffers of those renting out millions of Collection Power.

To those upset that the gravy train probably ended:
Splinterlands right now is marketing to the wrong audience and they are using the wrong methods to do it, we need more people in this ecosystem. Incentivizing "template posts" and artwork is not going to bring in new players. Micro-influencers will likely not deliver either. Encouraging people to spam referral links is not going to result in spellbook purchase growth, it scares people away. Splinterlands is marketing a casual fantasy game, when in reality, it is a financial product and potentially uber-competitive eSports game (which is a far better Unique Selling Proposition).

There may not be any end of season rush anymore. Is there a reason for it now? We will see I guess.

I quite like the new system as well. One has to work for ones supper.

I am not really sure how things will play out but I do think the first few days of the season will be rough and the number of chests will be quite low. Anyone without much investment into their deck will probably suffer because the focus points at the start will really suck. Maybe the average chests we get will go up if we let the rest of the season play out as there is a huge difference in focus points depending on whether or not you are in Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond.

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Its a lot tougher than last season and if you get a 'bad' splinter then its frustration.

So far it has been brutal (ended the season with high Diamond 1, 3745 rating), now stuck in Gold II.

Rental income is brutal, winning the fire splinter focus is brutal, cards are still brutally expensive.

And it seems to be common experience across, less chests and rewards overall.

Yes, hope it gets better.

when we all complain about the same problem where are the ones winning? :D

Win some lose some and spin around the same rating.

cards are still brutally expensive.

To rent or to buy?

6 hours of play and could not even touch bronze III, this is all messed up. Not a good change it sucks.

You couldn't get out of Novice?

suggest a way forward ?

I don't know what the problem is, you didn't answer my question.

The problem is when new system had brought difficult battles, previously reaching the Bronze II was easy with even starter cards, now even with legendary cards getting to Bronze III is very difficult.

Use Earth, even if its not your Focus.. you still get SP points which goes toward your end of season chests. Some splinters are terrible in Bronze. I'm using Fire today and its tougher than yesterday (Earth).

I have no idea what to tell you about "juicy" Diamond rewards chest.

These are my 5 Diamond chest.


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Wow, that is bad. I guess people only tell you when they get great pulls (besides you).

Yup, I see someone getting 1200 DEC and have only 1 chest in Silver.

So , to me , it look still a random as it used to be earlier, only change is that SL is asking us to play more (actually much much more) for same number of chests.

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is that SL is asking us to play more (actually much much more)

They are.., there are 'other ways' of playing though. I am enjoying it.. for the moment.

I also manage multiple accounts, but on a much smaller scale (my highest is Silver). I must admit that while bot rentals may be going away (especially for MAX level cards), I find myself renting more cords (to replace Starters and adding a few level 2 & 3 cards to give me that winning edge). So while the rental income may be going down initially, the clientele will probably be gradually switching as people figure this new system out. It might be time to stock up on level 1-3 cards to rent to all those Bronze and Silver players.


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If it wasn't for your post I wouldn't have realized the reward scheme had changed...
That also explains why rental prices were so low yesterday.
Maybe I'll dust off my account and see how its changed first hand.

I think bot farms are reconfiguring to maximize/abuse bronze ranks. Max bronze rating takes very little effort nor splinters to achieve. Focus on 150 season chests and daily focus chests are just icing on the cake. There will be so many of them that win-trading will be an issue again, albeit lesser than higher ranks. where I think the "train derails" will be the new player experience. No new player in their right mind would find Bronze hell an enjoyable experience, then they'll leave. I hope i'm wrong. Good read as usual. Sharing this on https://twitter.com/PraetoriaDigest.

I started playing again this season and I'm enjoying it so far. I feel like it's more casual, but also more rewarding. Sometimes, if I was feeling particually like playihng, a quest felt like it wasn't enough. You get it and then you're just playing for points, and that can get frustrating if you lose enough times. If you can keep playing and essentially extend the quest (that's kind of what the focus is), you can win more. But you don't have to.

Sometimes, the quests could feel like a chore to me. Like I felt compelled to complete one every day, but I didn't always want to. The rewards were often pretty disappointing, too. Now, I feel like I'm getting EOS rewards every day somehow. I'm not even sure how it's working and I also expect some changes to come in the near future, but for now... I'm earning a lot of rewards and enjoying playing again.

I do still have some cards up for rent, but I noticed that some are not getting much at all anymore. Especially newer rewards cards, even the maxed out ones.


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I could never handle that many accounts. More power to you for being able to do it. Thanks for sharing.