SteemYaLater: Your Steem Blog Image Backup Solution!

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Automation to the Rescue!

     This Python 3.6 script uses the Steem Beem Library and a variety of methods to archive your Steem Blog images as well as markdown files. It used image hash verification to ensure that files are downloaded once saving valuable storage space.




Version 2.0 Change Notes

  • Added PyCurl download method to address issues w steemitboard images
  • Data Deplication enabled: Prevents redownload of file if already exists in folder structure. Symbolic link with relative path placed instead saving valuable storage space.
  • Logging and CSV output: Session log file is produced in working directory. Output CSVs are created for each account so users may readily see what failed and may require manual action.

Version 1.0

     Version 1 was the basic framework with wget. We don't talk about version 1 anymore.

     I've worked hard and made a ton of progress in order to give my fellow Steemians a way to save their priceless data.


  • Steem Blog Backup as a Service
  • @dtube thumbnail support
  • Upload to Skynet web portal

Known Issues

     DTube thumbnails will not download as they are not stored within the Beem Comment json_metadata image property. Logic to be added to accomodate. Also, some links may require escape characters. These will be addressed as time permits.

Uses Python 3.6

Install Prerequisites

# PyCurl may require the following packages be installed.

sudo apt install libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev

# Python modules installation

Python 3.6 -m pip install beem
Python 3.6 -m pip install wget
Python 3.6 -m pip install urllib3[secure]
Python 3.6 -m pip install pycurl
Python 3.6 -m pip install certifi #may or may not be needed if the [secure] option is used for urllib3

Execute Script


Prompts for Steem User. Alternatively, you may populate the accounts list variable with users to backup

Account to Backup? anthonyadavisii

Script will crawl your blog_entries filtering out resteems (reblogs)


Will then cycle through each blog_entry, save the body to a .txt files, and grab any images it can with wget or urllib3

Feel free to reach out if you need help! If you appreciate the work, consider sending me a tip!


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There are errors in your install prerequisites
Python 3.6 should be python3.6

Also, I had a problem installing pycurl, so do this first:
sudo apt install libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev
python3.6 -m pip install pycurl

Another problem when I run it:
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/drak/SteemYaLater/Backups/drakos'

So I created that folder manually, then I run the tool again, it fetches the posts but when it starts downloading them, it spits out binary characters on the screen. Did you test this tool properly?

I forgot about that. Yes, that was also encountered during my setup but it slipped my mind. I'll update the readme. Thanks, @drakos!

My man! For those who didn't know, he's been working diligently on this for a while now. He deserves more than the 125 upvotes I'm seeing right now.

Amazing work, thank you

Really appreciate coming up with this! Going to test now.

May want to get the latest as I made a few tweaks and addressed a couple issues.

I ran into some delimiter issues/erros while trying to run. I have raised an issue. Will check whether I can fix (Im stuck with this bloody Bitcoin and ZMQ crash at work!)

Can you set it up to email pdf's?
Or provide a link to download a PDF?

What I'm doing currently is zipping up the backup on my Ubuntu box, transferring that to my cloud provider, and then providing a shareable link.

It's a few too many manual steps at the moment but plan to automate some of the steps such as having the script take care of compression. You're update should be next up btw

Sweet, I would hate to be wiped from the only history likely to be written by me.

I'm not going to try this in current form due to an adversion to the technical nature, but I do like the road map.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

I look into putting all the dependencies into a docker container to simplify use and so users on non Ubuntu operating systems can use. Thanks for the sentiment. Glad to help!

I'm running linux minty on a netbook I rarely use...would that manage this?

Unfortunately, the newest version from Github does not work. Any chances to fix that?

  File "", line 187
SyntaxError: 'continue' not properly in loop

Thanks for the heads up. Will take a look.

Let me know when it's ready, I would love to contribute by dockerizing it.

Removed those continue statements. Should be good to go now. Putting it in docker would be really helpful. Thanks!

Thanks, I will do a PR tomorrow.

Updated again to inject header data to Recommend increasing pauseTimeInit due to suspected rate limiting.


Thanks Bro!

@tipu curate

NP. Just added another check on image hosts for DNS lookups. Ideally, I'll store unresolved hosts in memory and skip them if they were not resolved previously. Due to the pyCurl settings, the script tends to get hung up for a while on timeouts. It works but definitely more optimization needed.

Appreciate the reblog. Hoping to have a full-fledged service up soon but need to work out my storage solution atm.

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