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RE: Molly and a 2021 1 oz Armenian Silver Noah’s Ark Coin

in Silver Gold Stackers2 months ago

That is a pretty awesome looking coin. I like the detail in it. I torment our dog too. It drives my wife nuts. Every time she goes to pet her and Jovi runs away my wife says "I blame you". I try not to chase her as much now because it is becoming obvious it is harder for her to get around than it used to be. Probably for both her and I actually.


I miss those days when I would chase Pepper around and he would come looking for me. He loved it. He would also like a good game of hide and seek. I would find some good hiding spots but he would always find me eventually. I was laughing when I read that part about your wife saying she blamed you. Sounds familiar. LOL.

Jovi and I still wrestle around a bit, but she can't keep up like she used to.

I just laugh thinking about wrestling around with Molly. You would too if you got the chance to meet out 7 lb Fluff-N-Bones. She doesn't do wrestling or any fast movements really. On a very rare occasion, when her meds kick in because I gave too much, she'll want to play with her one dinosaur toy. It will last about 15 seconds and then she's back to her pillows and blankets. Enjoy that play time with Jovi. You'll always remember that stuff.

Thank you!