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RE: 8th update of 2021 on BlockTrades work on Hive software

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Dear @blocktrades

The basic idea behind the new algorithm is to encourage voters to find good content, but to put them on an equal footing with voting bots.
Under the current algorithm that we’re replacing, voting bots have an advantage because there’s a short window in time to cast a vote for optimal curation rewards.

I spoke to few friends on hive and we discussed this topic. So far everyone I talked to seem to have strong opinion, that upvoting anything that is older than 1 day will be out-of-question.

Personally, Im afraid that this will only push people even more towards usage of bots.
Looking for quality content, while knowing that it HAS TO BE maximum 24hours old (otherwise we would be penalized with reduced curation rewards) would be even harder than it has been now (window to upvote posts were much higher).

That is just my own small feedback. Not complaining. Just sharing my concerns.

Aren't you concerned, that content discovery will be limited from 7 days to 24h? Noone will care and pay attention to posts older than that.



I'll finally say it because no one has been considerate enough to tell you yet.

Starting all your messages with "Dear" is really quite weird to us. Maybe i can't speak for all english speaking cultures. I fully fully understand you believe it to be some sort of respect thing but just wanted to inform you that it is quite strange to many of us as it seems like something reserved for letters between people that are more intimate and have a more storied relationship, or for really really formal correspondences. There are of course other use cases but the point is that at the very minimum it seems very out of place in a comment section about code stuff. Also out of place on wallet memos if you were wondering.
I recognize it's almost become part of your brand and I would say you do you... but maybe also consider your audience. Do they do it themselves? If so perfect match I suppose. Are they programmers, americans, come from languages where it doesn't translate well or even just more casual type people in general?

I assume you know what "dear" means it is quite intimate and thus that's why it is used traditionally in more personal letters and then strangley got used for very formal letters... but is not used for the in between. Maybe you do not intend to assume this level of intimacy but that's what the word means and so if people see it they also think "ok this guy thinks he's really close to me or it's obvious he wants something" which is kind of the case because usually you do in fact use "dear" and then to proceed to ask for something. (No issues with you wanting to ask for something)

Also "yours," ... its not a letter it's a comment section. Read the room.

I believe strongly that you care very much about being good at communication and I think that English may not be your first language so I'm just chiming in to help. I hope it comes off as helpful.

Dear @jarvie,

You don't think he's just trying to be a condescending prick?



Dear Joshman
Very professional
Yours affectionately, Belemo.

I choose to believe he actually thinks it's a good way to communicate and doesn't know how poorly it translates in English. How downright irritating it actually is to many English speakers who don't have a personal relationship with him. Maybe he is also awkward communicator in his own language but I do not know do i am just going with the opinion that no one has told him yet and hopefully he reads this.

I think a bit of it is an attempt at misdirection. He's a schemer and spammer from way back, and part of his defense is this sickeningly sweet aura he attempts to create for himself. He has a large number of unsophisticated followers who rally to his defense due to this style, which is why your advice will probably fall on deaf ears.

Just missing “sir” and “kindly” for the complete package.

Dear @enforcer48 sir,

Kindly piss off you wanker.



That would never be the case @joshman

I've literally no intention in wasting my limited resources (time and my own life) on trying "to be a condescending prick".

Regards, Piotr

Hi @jarvie

Starting all your messages with "Dear" is really quite weird to us

I'm not a native english speaker, however based on my knowledge it is very appropratie way to open a comment.

Half of the time it is indeed towards someone I already know, value and respect, and sometimes it is as you've mentioned "for really really formal correspondences.".

My comment above I consider to be such exactly that: a formal feedback.

Also out of place on wallet memos if you were wondering.

Perhaps you may have noticed, but I didn't send any mass memos on HIVE pretty much since it's existence. It has been a year or more if I'm not wrong.

I assume you know what "dear" means it is quite intimate

Not necessarily. I spoke about it with 2 separate professional english teachers and both confirmed, that it is absolutely alright to start emails or messages this way. Apparently it's even more appropriate than to start with "Hi".
So allow me please to put my trust in their teachings.

I appreciate your time which obviously it took to write this comment. I really do. And I will do my best to remember not to start comment by saying "dear" to you if it does bother you.

Cheers :) Piotr

I started the response multiple times referencing several points and then I just realized you don't even care. You do you. Appeal to whatever source that will give you the answer you want to hear.


I just realized you don't even car

Interesting why would you say that? If I wouldn't even care - then why would I bother to reply in the first place?


because... disappointment

Check the bottom of my post for full details (I added clarifications to correct some misunderstandings about how the weights function), but the new algorithm is much more beneficial for late voters than the current one.