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RE: 8th update of 2021 on BlockTrades work on Hive software

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Regarding new curation reward algorithm, I am not sure there is a need for second and third windows. If the first window linear rewards is 24 hours, why not make it for the entire 7 days. Most posts already lose attention after first 24 hours. In my opinion, this new change will discourage all from engaging with posts after 24 hours and create a new norm of posts becoming irrelevant after 24 hours.


I agree, keep it simple like leofinance did, linear one 7 day window, easy to explain and to use.

I don't think it's going to be that big of a disincentive. But I think just having one windows might be a good idea as well

Good point. I wonder what the proposed benefit was of having 3 curation windows.

This. Plus the fact that having one window rather than 3 makes it one less thing to have to explain to new users. Keep it simple.

We need much more simplification. Not more clever tricks.

I think you're suffering from a misapprehension: the updated algorithm actually gives more rewards to late voters than the existing algorithm does.

point is compounding. IF no curve after a timeframe, it's more worth upvoting day 5 posts for faster payout and compound it.

It can be end up in a way to farm the network in a super-fast way.

If we have to solve this, then the curation rewards should be distributed to the authors only after 7 days from the time of their vote. That can prevent this compounding issue.

it's already solved, because of lower rewards at the end.

but it cant be flat over the full time.

Im in full agreement with you @geekgirl

Why to penalize those that curate later than 24h. This will discourage to even visit any post older than 1 day.

So lifespan of all posts on hive would become ... just one day. After that one day - no more upvotes, no more visits, no more comments (who would do any of it on post which is already older than 24h?)

I once watched a video posted eleven years ago. Didn't earn a dime.

I must be crazy.

Hi @blocktrades, I agree with @geekgirl @crypto.piotr and @bala41288.. why not a linear curve over 7 days? linear from 100% to 0% or 100% to 20% ?

The three curation windows and steep reward cliffs do not make any economic sense to me!
If you would vote after 24h with a linear 7 days reward slope you would still get 85 % and after 48 h still 71% of those curation rewards compared to the the first 24h window of the "fcfcf "( flat cliff flat cliff flat) - slope...
IMHO 85% or 100% would not change a lot in regards to incentives but /2 and /8 is prohibitive...
and yes.. its the right calculation as no one will vote after 24h! So no benefit to early voters from late voters..
please consider to change this! I fear it has the potential to turn a good idea into disaster!

As I told @geekgirl, the new algorithm is considerably more favorable for late voters than the current one.