Come chat with me on Hive's newest App

in HiveDevslast year (a home prior to all apps having it on their site)
This is a project I helped work on for the projects together with dev @mirafun
I'm hoping to see it integrated into every hive app out there some day.

But day 1 at least there's a nice testing environment at

It's going well so far and people seem very excited and pretty impressed with the initial launch... I have over 3 dozen direct messages so far of people testing out the system and often sending me their first test message which is fun.

Check out the introduction post

Then i add them to a big private group to stress test the system. We've got a few dozen people there so far but we've just announced so we'll see how big it can get


Tell them they can integrate an already built widget into their site pretty easily.
Tell them they can build their own interface for the chat if they want
Tell them their users are already interacting over in the community chats for their own apps anyway.
Tell any programmers that they can build competing interfaces for "Sting Chat" and if they make it open source we'll send them some funds from

Anyway see you in the chats... and I look forward to this moving directly into apps like or where i hang out a lot already.


I am a fanboy is this new product. Great job. Hope @leofinance and @ctp are integrating this app

this is so cool, I was already wondering when they were going to replace beechat which has been abandoned for a while, this certainly promises to connect more communities

yeah beechat was only supported by the initial devs for like a month or two it seems like. And it never had encrypted option and that was pre-community time. So this is a HUGE step in the right direction.

What a champ you are Jarvie. Legend! So this is what you were talking about eh!

That is really awesome!

I tried to log in from phone but some reason I was unable to.
Will try from computer in a half an hour or so.

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This is very cool, love the fact that it feels similar to Discord

I am new here but I like the it has been explained , how can I join the group ?