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Internal market

Internal market is a good decentralized exchange on the Hive blockchain. It is battle-tested for years now and has proven its use. It has a decent volume and is active.

But it did lack a modern exchange interface until now.


I have been working on for a while. If I wasn't lazy it would be ready months ago. But it is done finally.

Part of the motivation for this project was to get it listed on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. HBD needs more love and by listing on Coingecko or CMC, we can get the internal market's volume out there. Hopefully, this will fix the incorrect price on these platforms for HBD. (I already applied for both platforms).

Please use the website and let me know your opinion. Feedback is more than welcome.


Adding the internal market volume on the top aggregators is great!
Better hbd price feeds and improved confidence

I’d love to contribute to the project.
My stacks (Reactjs, Nextjs, tailwindcss)

Beautiful, thank you

Wow great job!

@tipu curate

Fantastic! good job. I'm trying to figure out on which platform to buy level 2 Hive tokens with Buy Limit orders, maybe this can be just the thing for me

Impressive work!
It works!

Wow, That looks great. Love the colour scheme aswell.

WOW. That's what I call an improvement. I just started with the internal market and it took me some time to understand it... If you don't take care a mistake is easy to make.
This layout/interface is so much better. I will surely use it! THX 👍

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That's a great work!
Really liked it!

Great work keep it up I will Definitely try it whenever needed 👌💓

That looks very nice! ;)

Thank you for this awesome developments on the ever expanding Hive network.

That's so impressive. It's has a professional look to it , i shall try it later !

Very nice! I like the ease of logging in with Hive Keychain.

Gracias por toda la información que puedas dar, es bueno estar actualizado, muchas gracias por estar al día y compartir tu información, producto de tu trabajo e investigación.👍

Thats awesome, would ne nice to have alternatives to tribal dex, a new face to look when managing the engine. Great, trying it right now, thxs so much for the constant effort and contribute to enhance this "part of life" that has become Hive for a lot of us.

Wow this is nice,
I just love the idea of easy access to logins too ..

Well done...however, could you please add a way to track the volume for different days or weeks to help with the analysis?

 last year  

You can change the chart's time frame to weekly or daily and see the volume.

WOW, after 6/7 years finally a decent screen for internal trading. Thanks so much for this work! {BOW}
Would be great if you can add the other HIVE based tokens to this one as well.
And maybe the diesel pools (though that is slightly more difficult I suppose, orrr???).

 last year  

I can consider adding the tokens with decent volume. But it's not likely. I'm not a fan of how HE tokens work.

Am 100% with you on most of the tokens.
But the SEED one is one that would be nice to add. At least, it is a serious token 🙇
As the Leo Finance token is a serious one 🎶
But most of them don't have volume at all.
To all those 'running' other tokens that I didn't mention: Sorry for not mentioning them, it wasn't my intention to be elaborative and complete on all the tokens that I find having a value in one or the other way 😉

That's an awesome job! Very well done!

This is awesome the kind of news one likes too wake up too I will definitely use this for my transcations

This is great!! Thank you for working on this @mahdiyari !PIZZA


But for some reason I can't log in on keychain for Android. It's the same one I'm using to make this comment.


 last year  

Thanks for reporting. I will take a look.

I haven't tried it yet, but it looks pretty cool. Incentive to trade. Can we login with hivesigner in the next days?

 last year  

I'm not against the idea. But I like having one simple login option. Keychain is fast and easy and secure enough.

Wow! this is super impressive, really proud of you

keep it up mate @mahdiyari 👍

Great work!


hi, i cant login with keychain extension in brave browser. Any help?

 last year  

I will install brave and test it in an hour or so and let you know. I'm using chrome and it is fine.

 last year  

Do you have your active key in keychain?

yes, i can login in peakd with it

 last year  

Can you try again? use ctrl+f5 to refresh the page first. Does it open the keychain at all?

ok, now it works. What can i do on this dex? Only sell and buy hive for hbd or more?

 last year  

The internal market currently supports only one HIVE/HBD pair which are the only coins we have.

Hives decentralised exchange is one of its key values. If someone built something amazing with it and used Hive as collateral it could be amazing.



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This looks really fantastic

very nice!

Now that is a slick interface! Very well done. How long did this take you to put together?

Wow, I like this. The market on was very classic, although it worked. Influential.

Congrats @mahdiyari for the launch. Will give it a try.


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That looks sleek!

not related to posted content

Hey @mahdiyari, I notice that I still got ghost vote ops even if I have already revoked steemauto several months ago. I fixed it by removing curation trails and favorites then pausing the personal curation trail before finally revoking steemauto. Is that a bug or a feature?

 last year (edited) 

What do you mean "ghost vote ops"? can't do anything (by the rules of blockchain) with your account when you revoke the permission. We don't have your keys.

Not so sure, but my account perform votes while I'm offline for soemtime already. I kept checking, I only have peakd, leofinance, ecency, and cryptobrewmaster having my posting auths. Probably it's not your service?

I did unfollow the curation trails and paused the curation and finally revoking steemauto for now. I'll just come back again when my HP is higher.

 last year  

If you revoke steemauto and still see votes, it is not from

Thanks for the clarification :)

Finally, a nice platform to use for trades! Solid work!!!
Put up a hive proposal to maintain and grow this platform, I would support that 100%

!pizza and !luv

Great work on the update!

I really like the idea and I tried it on my mobile.

Hmmm, seems to be not yet „mobile friendly“ but works

Thank you for your information @mahdiyari on
Nice job!
Barb 😊

Looks great - nice job!

Hi, i really like this interface for the internal Hive market, even more than the one from ecency and peakd. But, i have suggestion. The orders list don't auto-refresh, I have to refresh the page to see the new orders listed. I think it would be helpful if they update every 5 seconds or so, as ecency does.

 last year  

You don't need to refresh though. It should update by itself.

Weird. Everything but the orders list refresh in my case. I use it on firefox and now on Brave. What could be happening?

 last year (edited) 

ctrl+shift+j and see if there are any error messages in the console

There are no problems for me on chrome and firefox

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~~~ embed:1617709724484644864 twitter metadata:NzQyODc2NTI5NzU2MTEwODQ4fHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tLzc0Mjg3NjUyOTc1NjExMDg0OC9zdGF0dXMvMTYxNzcwOTcyNDQ4NDY0NDg2NHw= ~~~

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