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Yesterday I made a post about a HIVE username Regex & an open-source tester against the 2,409,078 existing usernames of the HIVE Blockchain I made.

On the 2,409,078 usernames it failed 11 due to "--"

I was sure the rules of a correct username on the HIVE Blockchain were:

. is the segment separator
Each segment must be at least 3 characters long
Each segment must begin with a letter (a-z) and end with a letter or a number (0-9)
All letters contained in a segment must be lowercase
Hyphens (-) must be accompanied side by side by letters or numbers

But it looks like I was wrong! The last rule doesn't exist in the core of HIVE as you can see below (Thanks to @mahdiyari for providing it)

Even Steemit, who created the code base, doesn't respect it on their frontend and shows you this error "Account name should contain only one dash in a row"

So this morning I reviewed my Regex and regretfully removed the last rule that gave it its beauty as a beautiful mathematical equation. You can see the new Regex below


It passed the test with success the 2,409,204 existing usernames of the HIVE Blockchain (Yep, today there are more Hivians than yesterday!)



I also made some tests of the auto-generated file



I invite @peakd @ecency @hiveonboard @inji and all those who have a signup process (frontend or library) with this rule to review their code ;)


@mintrawa :)

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