Peak Open Projects - Update #5

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This is a update on several developments related to Peak Open Projects. We would first like to announce the addition of a new member to the team, @borislavzlatanov. Boris will be working on the Hive Open Stats project.

Hive Open Stats will provide easy access to aggregated data about Hive. We already have a plan in place to integrate this stats collecting system on our projects like HiveHub and PeakD.


The code for all projects developed and maintained as part of our proposal is available here:

We do our best to open the repositories as soon as we consider the code to be stable enough and we have completed our initial brainstorm on the implementation.

Some direct links to repositories already available:

div.png - Platform

Developers: @asgarth

HiveHub is an open source interface that displays many other Peak Open projects.

Lots more choices and ability to choose different API nodes giving projects like the explorer much more decentralization.
Settings menu

For those who need to rest their eyes, dark mode has arrived, though partially supported.

Dark Mode

Recent activities:

- Dark mode [WIP]
- Hive Engine node selection [WIP]


Developers: @yozen, @asgarth. Feedback and suggestions: @jarvie

The Explorer has been reworked and implemented in the rendering of some data and the functionality of some components. Changes and improvements are the result of our brainstorming (we have already drafted a long list of additional features...), and we would welcome your feedback and suggestions.

We have worked on dozens of new transactions making sure the summary page is easy to view. We have also added the summaries to the transaction pages themselves.
Transaction layout

We have created a page that details all the more advanced details about every account and organized the data in a way that makes it easy to consume.
Account raw blockchain data

We duplicated the HIVE witness page to add a page of Hive-Engine witnesses.
HE witnesses

Recent activities:

- Enriched blockchain transaction layout rendering [COMPLETED]
- Transactions pagination [COMPLETED]
- Improved account blockchain raw data rendering [COMPLETED]
- Selecting Json compact/formatted view [COMPLETED]
- Hive Engine witnesses page [WIP]

Market [ module]

Developers: @igormuba, @asgarth. Feedback and suggestions: @jarvie

We have been testing the market feature live and so far we can already place order and swap. The orders are placed as a "fill or kill" on the Hive internal market. If you are logged in you can just just click on your balance and it will fill in to exchange it all from one coin to the other.

Information such as Book Order Impact and weighted average prices have been added to help users decide if, and when, to swap.


The limit tab needs more development but is still usable.
Recent completed orders are available in that tab, you can view them from the tab and you can cancel any order at any time.

Recent activities:

- Show user balance (Swap and Limit) [COMPLETED]
- Auto refresh user balance (Swap and Limit) [COMPLETED]
- Place orders (Swap) [COMPLETED]
- View placed orders (Limit) [COMPLETED]
- Cancel placed orders (Limit) [COMPLETED]
- Place limit order [WIP]
- Allow change of HBD and HIVE value source [WIP]
- Auto refresh order history [WIP]

Sting Message Protocol

Developers: @igormuba, @mirafun. Research and suggestions: @asgarth

The Sting Messenger programmer has created this testing interface and sites like PeakD and PeakMonsters, and hopefully many other Hive interfaces will develop great and unique interfaces for their own users using the sting protocol.

Long story short is we are already testing group chats and private chats and the many included administrative features of the chat protocol... in particular Community based chat channels.


Recent activities:

- front-end settings for adding new channels [COMPLETED]
- front-end public community channels [COMPLETED]
- front-end encrypted private messages (2-4 users) [COMPLETED]
- front-end encrypted group messages (unlimited no. of users) [WIP]
- front-end encrypted community channels (unlimited no. of users) [WIP]

Notification System

Developers: @muwave, @asgarth. Research and suggestions: @jarvie

Development of the notification system is going smoothly and we have started testing it in a real world scenario. The main algorithm is ready and supports core-Hive and Splinterlands transactions.

In the near future, we will also make the code open source. If you are a developer interested in implementing the notification system in your application don't miss the release of the documentation.

Recent activities:

-  Subscribe to notifications through the blockchain [COMPLETED]
-  Get account/notifications API [COMPLETED]
-  Process Hive transactions [COMPLETED]
-  Process Splinterlands transactions [COMPLETED]
-  Documentation [WIP]
-  QA testing [WIP]
-  Hive engine support [WIP]

Hive Node Beacon

Developers: @asgarth, @yozen.

Hive Node Beacon is an older open source product but now we're back working on it with the aim that in a near future it can support Hive Engine nodes as well. Meaning it will help identify how well those nodes perform on certain actions.

Hive Engine nodes tested on Node Beacon

Recent activities:

- Support Hive Engines nodes [WIP]


How to support the @peakd project

If you're a project looking to integrate one of these tools message us.
If you're a developer looking for a part time open source project message us.

We have been voted as a top block producer on hive (aka "witness"). You can add your vote for us on the main witness page our "witness" account is @steempeak


You can support our proposal to develop open source tools for the whole Hive community using one of the following links:

You can donate 5% of your Hive Reward Pool earnings to @peakd to help use improve the interface: Turn on in settings

We invite you to share and brainstorm some ideas with us:

The PeakD Team
About us:
Discord - Blog - Twitter - LinkedIn


Great Work Team 👌🏻

Really fantastic work!

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Oh man, this looks amazing!

I normally don't use PeakD, because I really like the old interface, but with all these new features, you've got me thinking about leveling up.

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Just saw this from an update on Twitter.

Nice work y'all ✌️

Hello, we are an exchange/service focused on Cuban #Hive community. How we can use this feature for our account?

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Hey! A little late, but I just found this 😊. I just made a post about Sting Protocol. I will link this to my blog post: