Peak Open Projects - Update #6

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This is an update on several developments related to Peak Open Projects.
Presently we are doing development on 7 different projects.


The code for all projects developed and maintained as part of our proposal is available here:

We do our best to open the repositories as soon as we consider the code to be stable enough and we have completed our initial brainstorm on the implementation.

Some direct links to repositories already available:

div.png - Platform

Developers: @asgarth

HiveHub is an open source interface that displays many other Peak Open projects bookmark it and start using it now.

Dark Mode

We have completed supporting dark mode on HiveHub. To all users that prefer dark mode, you may access this by going to Settings, then toggle Theme.

Selecting Theme in Settings

Recent activities:

- Support dark mode [COMPLETED]
- Improve translation/localization support [WIP]


Explorer [ module]

Developers: @yozen, @asgarth. Feedback and suggestions: @jarvie


To further improve your user experience when viewing data for Witnesses and Proposals, we have added Filters.

In the Proposals page, you can filter by Status and quickly see which proposals are Funded, Not Funded, Partially Funded, and Upcoming.

Proposals page Filters

We have also added the Status, Blocks, and Price Feed filters on the Witnesses page. You may also search the account name of a Witness in the search bar.

Witnesses page filters

Recent activities:

- Fixed data and added more relevant details in account info [COMPLETED]
- Add filters in the witnesses page (Hive and Hive Engine) [COMPLETED]
- Add filters in the proposals page [COMPLETED]
- Implement new filters [WIP]


Market [ module]

Developers: @igormuba, @asgarth. Feedback and suggestions: @jarvie

Important features are already done and being successful tested such as the swap page.
Slippage has been added to swap page.
Limit orders are also available but awaiting additions to the page such as order book.


We are now supporting 6 price source for HIVE/USD and HBD/USD. This can be changed by clicking on the dropdown button as shown below.

HIVE and HBD price feed option in Market page

Note: Though the open source code is now available, public user interface will not be accessible until it is finished and tested. This feature deals with money, and it would not be responsible to release the UI until fully vetted. We will then have a version at least on with hopefully other interfaces using the open source code.

Recent activities:

- Dark mode is now supported in the market page [COMPLETED]
- Add witness feed for HBD/USD [COMPLETED]
- Add witness feed for HIVE/USD [COMPLETED]
- Fix null data in trade history [COMPLETED]
- Fix buy button logic preventing limit orders [COMPLETED]
- Percentage profit/loss on swap by USD value [COMPLETED]


Sting Message Protocol

Developers: @igormuba, @mirafun. Research and suggestions: @asgarth

Quick reminder: this is an Encrypted messaging protocol that also focuses on group messaging in particular to work with Hive communities.

As we've mentioned in our previous update, the Sting Messenger programmer has created this testing interface below for the sting protocol. Here is a list of updates that we've recently pushed on the testing interface.

Users can now create groups, send and accept invites, and send group messages.

Join group invitation sample


Quote replies are now supported. You can quote a message by clicking on the reply button.

Quote reply


The edit functionality is now added in messages. This can be accessed by hovering above the message and clicking on Edit message.

Edit Message

Edit history can also now be viewed as shown below:

Edit History

Recent activities:

- Support encrypted group messages for unlimited number of users [COMPLETED]
- Join invite button functionality for groups [COMPLETED]
- Community about page text, layout changes, users sidebar [COMPLETED]
- Right click menu ui, emote, quote, edit, delete ui buttons [COMPLETED]
- Edit/delete message content type, edit/delete ui [COMPLETED]
- Edit history [COMPLETED]
- Renaming and deleting groups [WIP]
- Adding and displaying emotes [WIP]
- Adding threads [WIP]


Notification System

Developers: @muwave, @asgarth. Research and suggestions: @jarvie

We started testing notifications on selected accounts, and getting close to making the code open source. The notifications will be customizable so that users will have the option to only get the type of notifications that they are interested in.

The team is planning to integrate notifications on the HiveHub platform.
We are presently working on the User Interface for HiveHub which is also open source.

Sample notifications

Recent activities:

- Improve logs for validated transactions [COMPLETED]
- Stream time stamps [COMPLETED]
- Add account link in notifications [COMPLETED]
- Customizable notifications [WIP]
- Integrate notifications into HiveHub [WIP]


Hive Node Beacon

Developers: @asgarth, @yozen.

Hive Node Beacon is an open source monitor that helps identify API node issues and how well they perform and support certain actions.

You can now easily identify the performance of Hive Engine nodes as the Hive Blockchain Node Beacon is now supporting HE nodes.

Hive-Engine Nodes on Node Beacon

Hive-Engine Node tests

Recent activities:

- Support Hive Engine Nodes [COMPLETED]
- Implement new tests for Hive Engine Nodes [WIP]


Hive Open Stats

Developers: @borislavzlatanov , @asgarth.

Hive Open Stats will provide easy access to aggregated data about Hive. We already have a list of data that we are planning to collect and have started working on collecting stats for posts, comments and transfers. The developer will continue to add more and more data sets to the project.

This is conceptualized and developed as a general-purpose statistical platform for Hive that many frontends can utilize.

Recent activities:

- Project setup [COMPLETED]
- Initial database structure [COMPLETED]
- Daily number of posts and comments [COMPLETED]
- Daily number and total sum of transfers of Hive/HBD between users [COMPLETED]
- Daily number and total sum of transfers of Hive/HBD to and from exchanges [COMPLETED]
- Daily transfers of Hive/HBD to and from the Decentralized Hive Fund [WIP]
- Stats on the hbdstabilizer to easily track the total financials [TO DO]
- Daily power ups and power downs [TO DO]


How to support the @peakd project

If you're a project looking to integrate one of these tools message us.
If you're a developer looking for a part time open source project message us.

We have been voted as a top block producer on hive (aka "witness"). You can add your vote for us on the main witness page our "witness" account is @steempeak


You can support our proposal to develop open source tools for the whole Hive community using one of the following links:

You can donate 5% of your Hive Reward Pool earnings to @peakd to help use improve the interface: Turn on in settings

We invite you to share and brainstorm some ideas with us:

The PeakD Team
About us:
Discord - Blog - Twitter - LinkedIn


Great update. I am most excited about the messaging and notifications. Thanks for all the work and continual improvement!

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