Hive Account Recovery

in HiveDevs2 months ago

I have a problem. It seems that my keys are no longer valid for my hive account. How can this be?

I've never given out my keys to an untrusted source. After Splinterlands' update to combat their bot issues I have not been able to log into my account on any other platform on the Hive Blockchain. Does anyone know how to recover an account?

I have had the Hive Keychain installed on my devices with my keys uploaded for quite some time without issue. After Splinterlands' update that I mentioned my Hive Keychain would tell me that my Private keys were invalid.

I attempted to remove and reinstall my keys to no avail. I have been using hive as my preferred on-ramp for crypto for well over a year now and this is the first time I've had any issue with my account.

If you have any helpful information please comment on this post. At this time I have attempted to contact hive through their email about it but have yet to have received a response. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am offering a delegation for whoever can help me work out this issue.


There is a special process called account recovery but you need to have a trusted person set as your recovery account agent. If you do so, you can use this utility for example.

I've never setup a trusted account before. This app is currently the only Give app I am still logged into.

You have a trustee account set to raditzz. Are you familiar with this account?