Introducing the Hive entrepreneurship and ideas community! 🏆 + Some basic rules on posting (FAQ)

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Logo made by me with Photoshop (not a big deal but it serves its purpose).

Introducing the Hive entrepreneurship and ideas community!!! 🏆 Entrepreneur Hive

Entrepreneurship: initiation of an activity that requires effort or work, or has some importance or scope. (f) . The creation or extraction of value, usually from an economic activity and commonly associated with the initiation, development and/or management of an enterprise. (f) .

I have been wanting to do this for a while now, communities have always touched my curious side since I came to Hive not too long ago and I wanted to start one since I started to understand how they work, there were many topics that interested me but I don't think I have seen an entrepreneurship community on Hive, so now I am creating it to talk about topics related to financial freedom, business, finance and everything related to entrepreneurship. Feel free to post, for now I can only offer my most sincere feedback to your posts as well as some small votes but I am confident that with time and a steady streak of good posts we can take this community a long way!

Some of the posts I'd like to see in this community: 🎯

  • Posts concerning entrepreneurship, business, industry, finance, personal experiences with any business, doubts (Cryptocurrencies and content concerning Hive is also allowed as long as it minimally complies with the theme of the community).

  • Interesting posts about known and unknown entrepreneurs and the history of their companies as well as their strategies.

  • Tips on business management or experiences running companies

  • Important news about the market (can be from stock market to cryptocurrencies, no problem with that)

  • Basically any topic that is related to one of the main topics is fine in this community, anyway feel free to post and go out of the mold, we love to see new ideas in progress and that also applies to the posts!

Who are in charge of the community? 👋

For now only my account @burnoutawesome along with the default account @hive-139593 but I'm excited to integrate other members with ideas to make the community grow! my discord is BurnoutAwesome#8002 if you have any suggestions in mind for the community or want to be part of the team fulfilling any role!

What language can I post in?

English or Spanish, both in one post also works fine, no problem for that.

If I publish in Entrepreneur Hive will I make money with my posts?

For now I can't assure any kind of high vote if you publish in the community, but I assure you that there are enough projects out there like @ocd or @aliento looking for content and if you decide to publish quality content here I will do my best to make all these big whales notice it, as well as other users with a decent amount of HP, the important thing will always be the content and the structure of the posts.

Later if I think of mounting some kind of project to benefit those who publish in these places, there is nothing decided but if there are many ideas floating around out there, we need to start putting them together and put them into action!

Discord? HiveChat? 🐧

I'm setting up Discord right now, I don't know if there will be a HiveChat for the community in the future, I'll post the links in the About section of the community or also in the comments of this post.

I think that's it for now, I don't want to get into simple rules like "don't be jerks" and that sort of thing because I think it's over understood that this is a healthy community free of judgement and attacks. Just try to have a good time and contribute! I'm sure you will find someone to chat with about business and entrepreneurship. If there is another update on the group I will post it in the Pinned section so you can see it first hand so don't worry about missing out on the community's movements!!!

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Whooo sooo psyched to see this community. @ryzeonline and I joined. We love entrepreneurs (well we are ones too lol). And I already posted something! ❤️❤️❤️

Congrats on the new community. Wishing you much success and activity!

Much love, Cyn

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This sounds pretty original. What about the LeoFinance guys? They might be interested in this community, it will be interesting to see how this progresses though. Good luck

Thanks mate be sure to subscribe to the community, I have a couple of things planned for this week and yes, I will definitely be speaking at LeoFinance, amazing community.