Opening some @dcrops packs!

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@dcrops announced a farming game on Hive some time ago and had their alpha pre-sale recently. Today buyers were able to open their packs to see what kind of cards and their rarities they got so I decided to record it as I was planning on opening quite a bit of packs!

Here's the recording of it with some commentary.

I'll be giving out one of each cards except the legendary ones to people in the comments, just mention if you want to participate in the raffle by saying something like !raffle and I'll pick the winners at random tomorrow or so. :)

Check out @dcrops for more info, link to their discord in their posts as well and join the farm if you're interested in these kind of games and what they may turn into.

I might give away some alpha packs later on as well but for now only cards are possible to send to others and trade in the marketplace!

Hope you liked the video, let me know what you think of the project and if you had any luck opening your own packs! :)

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Thanks for reminding me about this... I'd completely forgotten I picked up some packs on another account. lol!

oh shit! the game seems to be too good, and I love the farm style, maybe it reminds me a lot to games like hay day xD, I participate for the pack :D and it seems to me a good combination cryptos and strategy games and management xD, cheers

I decided to give away 1 of each legendary as well so everyone who entered the raffle got something!

Video of raffle here:

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Thank you for the mention @acidyo. We hope you will enjoy playing the game when it comes out.

Seems like the card properties were confusing for ya. It will be clear when the game launches but they have also been explained in our wiki and you can read it by going to

Strawberry king!Lol!
Didn't know abt this one, saw that all sold out in the pre sale. But hey...always in for some free cards!


I can’t wait

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You won 1 rare Fertile Land!

damn , did i missed the !raffle ? :(

Nice pulls buddy. Let's see how the game will perform.

yeah sorry :D


You inspired me with NBA Top Shot and it is working, so why not to try this one as well :)

You won 1 rare Cabbage!

Crypto + Farmville sounds like a timesink waiting to happen but what the heck? i'll try it 😅


You won 1 common Average Farmland!

Oh, I forgot to take a look at that pre-sale. Woops. I'm willing to win a !raffle though :)

You won 1 legedary Bell Pepper!

I got legendary Blueberry, Raspberry, and Land in my 40 packs! Looking forward to this game's launch! Forgot to say !Raffle.

You won 1 legendary Hi-Tec Land!

WOOT! Thank you! WOW I'm thinking that's the best card in the game so far.

Hmm, I don't quite understand the game, but I'm a fast learner and would learn how to go about it soon. Especially if I get one of them cards you're giving away😀

You won 1 epic Awesome Land!

That's what I'm talking about! Damn, why is it so hard to think about a kick-ass farmer catchphrase to use here😂
Alright, what do I do next Acid?

You can go to now and you should see your card there, then just wait for the game to become playable!


Cool! Thank you so much @acidyo!
And that's quite a farmer catchphrase, though, farming surely doesn't produce phrases intimidating enough 😁 I guess if I want a more badass one I'd have to make it myself.

Wow! This seems like a very cool game. Hive has so much cool stuff, the future is bright:)

I Only got one legendary, the bell pepper. Maybe in the !raffle I'll win something I don't have!

You won 1 epic Tomato!

Wow! Thanks!

I wouldn't want to miss this great draw, so I'm in !raffle

You won 1 common Garlic!

Nice of you to do a !raffle. :) !LUV

You won 1 common Carrot!

Sweet. Gonna put some carrots in with a roast today. :) thank you !LUV

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I am here for the free stuff LMAO

You won 1 epic Onion!

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Present here for participating in the raffle.
username sayee
Thanks a lot

You won 1 rare Pumpkin!

wow, thanks a lot :)

Never played a blockchain game

!raffle excited to see what they do with it :)

You won 1 common Broccoli!

Ayy lovely can’t go wrong with broccoli :))

I don't have any idea how to play a hive game 😕

ehhhh !raffle ? :)))

You won 1 epic Potato!

Seems like a game that could be successful, those farming games are super popular. I'd be lying if I said I haven't played a few.

I'll sign up for the !raffle , why the hell not!

You won 1 Legendary Strawberry!

Oh hell fuckin yeah legendary shit

I went to buy Alpha pack but sold out. Would love to try this game...


You won 1 common Pea!

Pea, noice :D Thank you so much :)

This looks fun. I might have to try this.


You won 1 rare Cauliflower!

You won 1 common Radish!

I'm anxious to see how this game will develop, I bought some packs but some extra cards are not bad!


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That's great, you're pretty lucky with the legendaries, since you're going to give away @the01crow , they would be harvested!

You won 1 legendary Raspberry!

This new game of Hive is more appealing as a passive income due to the obvious reason of planting crops. That you need to invest on lands crops etc then after some time, harvesting!



You won 1 epic Beetroot!


I am FOMO!😂😂😂


You won 1 common Kale!

I haven't read much about this, but it is so cool to see games made on top of the blockchain. I guess I am afraid of getting addicted in some sort of way, as I easily get addicted to computer games, and I don't have that much time. Better go out and nurse the vegetables I grow outdoors instead of working with them online! :)

So, I could write !raffle, but I'd rather see you give it to someone else! :) Anyway, it is really cool to see the project and to learn more about it in your video.

You won 1 common Wheat!

That is great... just took my homemade bread out of the oven, so will need some more wheat soon! :)


that looks good and I just took some cookies out of the oven :)

Cookies are often better than bread :))) At least if you have chocolate in them!

Que buenas noticias, ya estoy dentro del sorteo, ¡que suerte verdad!

Yay games! Followed @dcrops for future investigations <3

You won 1 rare Watermelon!

I need to check this out, I've been getting a bit bored with DCity lately. You certainly started off DCrops with a bang!

very good game brother luck