My First Impression on the New Apex Legends Season 9

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Apex Legends Season 9

If you are anywhere in the gaming community, chances are pretty high that either you are aware of the new Apex Legends season or have seen it trending on Twitter for the last couple weeks. I am going to be explaining all of the important changes of the season and my first impression playing with the new mechanics.


About three days ago, Apex released its' 9th season and this has broken the internet with astounding new player numbers. If you had gotten the chance to get online on the day of release, call yourself lucky, the servers were struggling hard and many could not login to play including me. However, things seem to be doing better now with the servers. before getting into the small adjustments, proceed with caution if you are a casual player, the new season has brought many "try-hards" and it is almost impossible to have a good game or possibly a win at this time.

Patches and Fixes

Weapon Patches -

• Hammerpoint and Skullpiercer are now vaulted
• Headshot multiplier for AR's are dropping from 2.0 to 1.75

• Peacekeeper shotgun is now able to be found out of drop
• Triple Take can only be found in drops now
• Havoc has less recoil for easier usability
• M600 Spitfire now has more recoil for harder usability
• 30-30 Repeater now has more leg damage, and faster ADS movability
• G7 Scout has faster ADS movability, and increased hipfire spread
• Longbow DMR increased headshot multiplier from 2.0 to 2.15
• Mozambique mag increased to 6, moved lower two pellets inward in blast pattern
• P2020 Bullet damage increased from 15 to 18, lowered fire rate

• Arcstar grenades aim and movement slowness removed from initial stick

Quality of Life Improvements -

• When looting death boxes, teammates health can be seen
• Badges are sorted, used to be a pain to equip achievements
• Challenges can be favorited to be shown on lobby screen
• Emotes have been added
• New Dropship flight paths
• Ring timing adjustments shown in picture
• Players now spawn with loot package, reduced chance of finding level 1 armour

Legend Buffs and Nerfs -

• Lifeline no longer deploys shield for revives, but can revive two players at same time
• Lifeline D.O.C. heal Drone increased effectiveness from 5HP/s to 8HP/s, deploy time dropped about 33% from original
• Care Package Ult. Reduced cooldown, guarantees upgrade to shields, targets current teams equipment for attachments

• Octane Stim cooldown reduced from 4s to 1s with increased damage from 12hp to 20hp per use
• Octane boost pad causes increased bullet spread while in air and shooting

• Loba's bracelet now can be thrown while running and sliding, no longer being slowed by translocation
• Loba's Black-market Boutique increased cooldown from 90s to 120s

•Horizon's lift speed reduced by 30%, reduced side to side movement, max of 2 seconds on top of lift, reduced cooldown from 25s to 20s
•Horizon's equipment can be zapped by Watson's pylons

• Fuse now has two stacks of Knuckle Cluster, and reduced cooldown from 25s to 20s

• Bangalore's smoke is now more denser and harder to see through

• Bloodhound's Ultimate does not grant assists anymore

•Crypto's drone can now scan and open drops, but cannot hijack respawn beacons in use anymore

Besides major changes and additions, there are bug fixes but I will not be listing those in this post. Next comes the best part, all of the cool major things that caused such an influx of players.

Bocek Bow

This new season brings along the Bocek Bow! The bow spawns pretty commonly and has a range of attachments including Shatter Caps and Deadeye's Tempo. The Deadeye's Tempo can go on the bow and the Sentinel sniper, and the Shatter Caps can be equipped on the bow and the 30-30 Repeater.

After some games playing with it, the bow is extremely overpowered with almost no drop 200 Meters out and no damage dropout. Currently, the bow can hit someone with 70 damage which I am positive will be nerfed sometime soon.

All of the Wingman marksmen are having a field-day with this, a red Evo Shield player can get killed in four shots with this thing!


Valkyrie is the newest addition to the Apex Family and is possibly the most overpowered legend released yet, which will also be nerfed at some point. Bolstering a wide range of abilities, her passive is a jetpack to get to high areas that otherwise could not be reached.

Further, her tactical is a missile swarm that can damage and disorient the enemies.

Valkyrie's ultimate is also quite versatile, allowing herself and her whole team to launch into the sky and drop somewhere else, virtually making jump towers obsolete.

As Valkyrie is classified as a Recon Legend, she can scan survey beacons to get insight on the next rings, allowing for a better positional advantage.

3V3 Battles

In my opinion, one of the bigger disappointments is the addition of 3V3's in Apex Legends. I feel it is trying a bit hard to be something it is not, but it is kind of fun if you do not get your hopes up on something that will relax you.

This mode is a one-life elimination type battle, where you choose your legend, and buy equipment, abilities, and weapons to beat the other team. First to win three rounds win.


Currently, there is three maps released for 3V3's also known as Arenas. The maps will be named and shown in the picture above. ↑


Overall, the new season adds a ton of changes and is good for the life of the game. however, the immense popularity currently is making the game extremely hard to get in good games and not die almost immediately.

Most information was found here, check it out!

Thank you for checking out my post!



I gave up on Apex when I saw Season 8 I think, not only because of the inevitable balance problems they've caused because they just keep adding shit in without thinking ahead they've also got a matchmaking bug in duo's that hasn't been fixed since before April. When you try joining a game even with auto-fill ticked on more often than not you get no teammate.

I guess it does vary from server to server what playerbase you encounter as well. I've found myself surrounded by absolute morons in gaming mostly who clearly don't know how to play and it's gotten so bad for me that I can solo a pair of them no problem if they aren't co-ordinated enough and immediately go after me. Unfortunately especially for learners who are trying to get into FPS' for the first time grabbing friend to play with is probably your best option but that's never as easy as it sounds.

It's got very good gameplay mechanics for the most part, but they're slowly breaking it.

Oh I can definitely relate to almost everything you brought up. I am quite "new" as I played at game release but not for long, and just recently got addicted to it right before the end of season 7. In a weird way, I like the re-balancing but only when it changes overused weapons and not introducing super OP ones.

I played a decent amount of duos but I'm not sure what bug you are referring to.

I can agree with the players too, I've wiped a whole team solo in 3's, and other times it feels like I'm against pros. Apex is definitely not the beginner FPS game, the team coordination and advanced movement is hard to overcome, and the necessity for friends to play or risk losing 24/7 being solo is quite annoying.

Great comment, Thank you for your insight!

Very interesting. I have never played this game. I used to play a lot of Unreal Tournament back in the day. I remember when that game came out. It was so cool. I would spend hours in matches playing against other people. This was a great review and recap of all the new stuff.

I would play UT and the original COD until the wee hours of the morning growing up...actually I was in my 20's but still. UT has a special place in my heart, especially when you played in maps that someone created. I played on one map where someone made a gigantic bathroom and you'd be able to swim in the toilet and hide in the sink. Great times.

That is awesome. I was playing UT when it was in beta. I think there were only like five maps at the time. I played that and Quake II A ton. Then Halflife came out and I was pretty much all-in on that.

Okay, I've never played that before but it sounds pretty close to some other games that I play.

Thanks for the comment!

It's way old school!

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I played Apex off and on since the first season. It's an incredible game. I suck at it though. I wish I had the time to dedicate to work on my in-game skills. So I stopped playing. The new legend looks really cool and her abilities look fun. I haven't seen anything about that new weapon though. Might have to hop into the game again.

Oh I highly recommend it! Although, I would wait for a bit so that everything cools down for a bit.

Kind of a funny story, when my friends and I got on right after the game release, we were so garbage and bad that we would camp in a building until the final circles and then die unbelievably fast. Just takes time and some practice and you'll be getting wins all the time.

Thanks for the comment!

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