Heist League review & My 14 days progress summary

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Hello, as I promised its time for the Heist League review and my 14 days progress summary.
I've been streaming the league for 14 days in a row. First of all I want to say thanks for all the people comming to my streams.
Let's start with the review


I've played a lot in this league and I see a lot of good things and bad things about it. I will point them out:
Good things about the league:

  • I really like the economy, usually at this time Exalted Orb's were worth around 150 Chaos Orb's. This time is a bit different. They are worth 75 Chaos Orb's. Its a lot easier to earn Exalts this way. You not only rely on the huge drops, you can sell every item for 5 chaos, 10 chaos and this way get an easy Exalts. The other curreny items are also priced well. Orb of fusing is worth 0.5 chaos. Its so easy to get Exalts by selling the Fusings. Another thing If u never played with a headhunter its time to try it. Head Hunter is worth only 55 Exalted Orb's and u can easily gamble him with Ancient Orb's - they are only worth 10 chaos. I would say, overall economy is really well rounded this league. You can easily get currency even without a lot of luck.
  • Builds and meta is greater than in previous leagues. A lot of builds are being played in this league. There was a lot of seasons when some builds were meta and there was more than 20-40% people playing one build. This league its more balanced. You can check the statistics on this site https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds, as you can see the most played build is Golem's build and its only 10% of people playing it. In this season we are also able to get a new Spectres called "Syndicate Operatives". I really like them and I recommand to try them.
  • New gems, skills and Replica items means a lot of new possibilities for us. Especially the new gems with alternate quality. I love them. Some of them are so op, lets take a look at Ball Lightning gem. If you get the gem to 20% quality it gives u additional 20% elemental damage, but If u buy the gem with Alternate quality called "Divergent Ball Lightning" it will give you 10% change to be Supercharged which means 50% more damage and 50% more Area of Effect. Its a lot better than 20% elemental damage. Now u guys see? Additionaly u can link the new gems to Enhance support which will boost the Quality of the gem. I love it. Probably the best thing in this league, we can make such a stronger builds with those gems. The new skills are fine, some of them are good and some bad, I haven't tested all of them.I tested Blazing Salvo with a mines and I can say its really good for single target however the AoE is not satysyfing. Replica items are also a great thing, we can get even Headhunter Replica which is a cheaper and weaker version of HH. I bet some of builds creators will make a lot of builds with the new Replica items. Overall a lot of new possibilities with those things.

Bad things about the league:
  • Heist league mechanic in my opinion is really bad. What's heist about? You take a contract - it requires NPC level, then you put the contract to the npc, he opens a portal and then you can open all the chests with loot, when you trigger the Alarm you need to run with the items u picked up, if you die you gonna lose those items. From the first day of league we were not able to open a lot of boxes. The mechanic was bugged and by killing a security monsters the Alert Bar was filling so quickly. So first week of league mechanic was not even worth. Open 2-3 boxes and then run. Not worth at all. After 1 week they fixed it so killing the security monsters won't fill the Alarm bar. It was the time for making currency. We could make a lot of currency, open a lot of boxes before filling the Alarm bar.At this point I was satysified with the Heist mechanic, but what happened? After couple days they nerfed drop rates from the boxes. Really? At the beginning the mechanic was useless, then they make it too strong, then it went to be useless once again. Additionaly I need to level up the NPC's by getting to the final box, because of that I need to skip a lot of good loot boxes. It sucks. I can't use most contracts because I have no level on most of NPC's. Additionaly u need to choose, are u doing heists? or you doing maps? you can't do both at the same time. You can't progress atlas along with making the league mechanic. In my opinion the best mechanics are like Legion, Delirium etc you just run the map and then u see encounter and you kill more monsters. Easy mechanics are the best. They made Heist too complicated and now its useless, boring and annoying.
  • Bugs - I don't remember a league with this amount of bugs, especially on Heist mechanic. I encountered a lot of bugs, and some people encountered even more. A lot of people stopped playing league after first 3 days because their game crashed every 5 minutes. But wait is crashes the worst bug? Imagine opening a box and everytime you do it it drops a Mirror Shard. Hahaha some people abused this so hard, and then they got banned for it. I'm sad I didnt know about this bug at the time, however I'm also happy because I didn't risk my account.

Overall the league is decent. Theres a lot of good and bad things. I had more fun in Delirium, more fun in Legion, more fun in Harvest but yea, for me PoE will allways be a great game, you don't need to do Heist League mechanic, you can do something else, you can Delve, you can just do maps. Every player will find something for him. I would love to see a good league mechanic but even without it PoE is a great game.

Let's move into my 14 days progress Summary


  • Beginning, Testing Mines, farming currency, staying at Ball Lightning

I was playing for 12 hours per day and then sleeping 6 hours. I started my leveling with Ascendant Blazing Salvo mines. I was a bit lost because it was a new spell and I didn't know how to play it. I got into the maps after 10 hours and then I went to sleep. I woke up and I started farming for the build. In meantime I tested a lot of spells for Mines: Arc,Glacial Cascade,Ice Spear, Blazing Salvo but I didn't like any of them. I decided to go back into Ball Lightning, even if it got nerfed hard. I farmed low tier maps and progressed the atlas. Day by day I had more items and my character started to be strong. After 6 days I felt like I already struggle on Red Maps without my core item for the build - Indigon Helmet. I farmed 4 exalted orbs and bought it. Now everything was easy, I compensated the nerf with the new Alternate quality gems, I got my 6 link chest. I bought very nice gloves with culling strike and unnerve for 6 exalts. After 1 week I decided I'm not gonna invest more into this character. I got level 94 and I did everything I could in the game. At this time I had over 40 Exalted Orb's invested into the build.

I recorded my fight with Sirus Awakening 8
[Even with the final build I died, sorry... I was a bit drunk haha but we got him boys! easy game ]

If you guys want to see the final version of my Ascendant Lightning Ball miner build go into this link: https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds/char/SEVENLXRD/Charyeok%EC%9C%A0%EB%AF%B8%EB%9D%BC

  • Getting bored, leveling new build, Syndicate Operative is OP and fun build

Next week I got a bit bored, I played the same build for already 4 leagues and I wanted to play something new, I found a new Spectres "Syndicate Operative" and I decided to make this build. I sold my equipment from the previous character and bought for the new build. The funniest thing is that I sold my gloves for 10 exalts (bought them for 6), I sold my Explode Mace for 10 exalts (I crafted it myself for 3 exalts). Most of my gear I sold for a higher price, maybe except Indigon and 2 cluster jewels. I lost a bit on them. First thing I bought for my new build was +1 maximum number of Spectres chest and +1 to level of Spectres gems boosts, I got both each for 7 exalts. Now they worth 10+ exalts haha again the same but yea, overall I invested again around 40 exalted orbs into this build, I leveled up the build and I started doing maps, I was confused a bit because it was my first time playing Minions so I died a lot but I managed to get to level 92 and I learned how to play this build. I love the playstyle of minions. You just run with a mouseclicks and Minions aggro everything and kill everything. Its so easy and fun playstyle. I think I love this build. I'm glad I changed it. Finally something fresh and fun. I found my motivation to play more and sleep less lmao. I went to bosses and after I killed them I decided to stop investing in this build. Its working well. It doesn't need more.

This time I'm fighting Sirus Awakening 8 with my new build
[Yea I know I died again fuck... How can I be so bad with over 40 exalted orbs invested into the build haha]

If you guys want to see the final version of my Syndicate Operative Spectres build go into this link:


I'm very satysified with the builds I made, especially the second one. I love the build, for couple next days I was farming and farming with the new build.

I made over 143 Exalted Orb's in 2 weeks of playing. I invested around 40 Exalted Orb's into build and 3 Exalted Orb's into gambling. However its not my best score, last season I made over 200 Exalted Orb's in 14 days. I hope I can beat this score next league. I'm allways doing a challenge like this to myself. How many Exalted Orb's I can earn in 14 days. I love this challenge.

I recorded myself opening 93 Stacked Decks
[YESSS!!! I love gambling, but wait... no good drops? I hate gambling...]

Okay guys. I think I wrote everything I could about my progress and league. Im so tired after sleeping less than I should. I'm gonna chill more/sleep more and play less. I would like to stream more PoE but I don't want to keep my Hive profile spammed with the PoE streams as I focus on a variety of content. Thats it for Path of Exile:Heist. If you guys play this game I wish u best luck and fun.