My Thoughts & Preparations & Advices for PoE 3.17 Siege of The Atlas League

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I usually don't write many posts, but if there is a good reason why not? I love talking about PoE and seeing @enjar doing all those amazing posts about Path of Exile inspired me to write a similar thing. I'm gonna split the post into 3 parts:

  • My thoughts
  • Preparations
  • Advices

Lets start by saying what I think about the changes thats comming in 3.17

They are amazing!
First change that made me so hyped is the atlas rework.

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There are not longer regions. What that means to us players? It means that we can run WHATEVER MAP LAYOUTS WE WANT. In previous league, lets say I hated Basilica Map but I needed to run it multiple times to spawn a Sirus/Conquerors. Now I'm not limited to run a single region. I can run maps I like. Huge change. I love it.

Second change I love is also about the Atlas. You guys know how big is the character skill tree right? We gonna have a passive tree for Atlas.
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So what that means to us? It means a lot of currency early on, a lot of juice on our maps. Imagine in late game u using scarabs to juice ur maps, to add expedition, elder mobs, more rare packs, breaches and stuff like that. You investing money into scarabs so u can get more loot from map. Now you can add those things on the passive tree, so basically u getting free scarabs from the beginning. Can you guys imagine how profitable this league is gonna be? Now combine it with Siege league which I believe will be ultra profitable to do. We all gonna be rich in this league. I don't even want to think about using actual scarabs+ having this tree cause that shit is game breaking. This league is gonna be so fat. So much currency. I love it cause Scourge was dogshit and there was no currency early on. HUGE CHANGE!

Next exciting things is new items!

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Imagine how many new builds will be created. I'm sure those items will allow players to create lots of powerful builds. But the thing I like in this game is of course currency making. When you running a map/boss and you know that something worth 10+ exalts can drop on the ground the game is more exciting. Not gonna say its a huge thing for 3.17, cause usually new items that GGG releases are dogshit but I'm looking forward to see how broken or how bad some of them are going to be!

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Alright its time for the bosses. In past league it was all about killing Sirus over and over. This is gone. I mean u can still fight Sirus, but hes not a main thing. GGG added a lot of new bosses. I'm looking forward to challenge myself and try to kill those big guys. HUGE CHANGE! Do you remember when Sirus and Maven were added? People were so excited, everyone was learning new boss mechanics. I love that change, but it have one downsite, basically you need to play a build that will be good enough to kill bosses. Without killing bosses you're not gonna be progressing. Thats why I can't go with fast zoomy mapper build, cause we don't know how strong those bosses will be.

I still want to mention one HUGE change. Influence crafting changes. Basically in PoE, the end game gear was crafted by using Conqueror Orbs and Awakener Orb. Now they are more rare than ever. It might be hard to craft some fancy items. GGG added a new system with Eldritch crafting to compensate for that but I'm not sure about it. Some builds in this game required crafted gear with Conq/awk orbs and since its rare not, people are scared to play those builds, cause they might not be able to craft the same equipement as in previous leagues. I'm not sure if this crafting change is gonna be positive or negative aspect of 3.17. We gonna see it in action soon.

Those were basically my thoughts on new things in 3.17, of course there is a lot more changes but they aren't so important to me. If you want to know every change and detail about 3.17 league, please read Patch Notes.

Now lets talk about my Preparations.

I already downloaded all the programs I need to play Path of Exile, the only thing I'm still waiting for is loot filter. I also practiced leveling a bit on standard. First one took me 8 hrs to get into maps, on my second try I managed to clear ACTS in 5 hours which is pretty good time for me. I still need to setup OBS to stream, because I'll be streaming from this league.

Which build am I starting? I still don't know. I wanted to start a bow build by havoc but GGG nerfed Hydrosphere which was a main source of single target damage on most bow builds. On the other side they are going to buff bows for 3.17 but I don't think its enough to make them playable. Bows still require a lot of investment to keep doing high tier maps and without hydrosphere we can't really get good single target, so in a league where we need to kill bosses bow might be not a good idea. I think people who believe in those bow buffs are gonna hit a wall at some point. Probably when they get to red maps.

Next build I wanted to start is Corrupted Fever/Kinetic Blast Gladiator. I played this in 3.16 league and I've been enjoying this build a lot, but there is one important thing, this build have low single target dps, and to kill bosses you need to invest tons of currency into influenced items. You need to craft gear with Conq/Awakener Orb's and as I said they will be more rare. Thats why I don't think its a good idea to start this build. Its gonna be expensive and hard to get the gear.

So what are the other options? I'm gonna write what I think is worth considering:

  • Explosive Arrow Totems Balistas (might be good build, but I hate totem playstyle and I don't think its fast or tanky enough)
  • Poisonous Concotion ( strong but weird, slow, uses Plague Bearer to clear)
  • Seismic Trap Sabo ( typical trapper, I hate this playstyle and its slow)
  • Poison Lightning Strike Assassin ( I tested it on Standard, I still consider playing this build, really good single target, decent clear speed, but requires +1 strike gloves or Tribal Fury annointment and Heist Dagger which might be hard to obtain early on)
  • Elemental Trinity Deadeye/Berserk Spectral Helix ( YEP, most people hate helix, this playstyle is so boring and annoying, but I think its the most promising build, there are already videos on it and it can kill Maven, Sirus, and all invitations on a 2ex budget gear )

So I'm still testing some things on standard, I think I'll start with Spectral Helix even tho I hate it and later on when I get tons of currency I'll transition into Lightning Strike. I'm still not sure if I should play it as a Berserker or Deadeye. Deadeye is tankier but Berserker have more DPS, also making Deadeye will allow me to transition later on (when I get tons of currency) into Bow builds or as I said Raider builds. Thats why I consider this to be the best choice.

As I said I tested Poison Lightning Strike Assassin variant and its DPS is very good. I'm still thinking if I should play Helix or this. The big downsite of this is that its poison, and I hate how damage over time works. I rather to explode packs with one touch and not backtrack for loot.

What is my goal in PoE 3.17 ?:

My goal in this league is to earn tons of currency while still having fun. I think my personal record was 250 exalted orbs in 2 weeks. I would like to beat this record and reach atleast 300 exalts in 2 weeks. Yea currency making is what I love about PoE. But as I said, I still need to have fun while making currency. My other goal is to kill all the new bosses relatively fast. I think 2-4 first days of league.

Alright. I think thats it about my preparations.

Time for some quick tips:

  • Download useful programs:
    PoE Awakener Trade (to check items prices)
    PoE Trade Companion (makes trading a lot easier)
    Of course don't forget the loot filter!
  • Choose ur league starter based on boss killing ability, you can do fast mapper as your second character
  • If you like Heist, run it. Its the best way to earn currency. Especially that this league, a lot of people are going to play Poison Lightning Strike, which requires a Dagger that drops in Heist! (All damage from hits with This weapon can Poison)
    If you are running Heist and selling those Daggers to people, you gonna be rich.
  • Dont forget to pick up 6 socket items and sell it to vendor, it will give you jewellers orbs which you can turn into Fusing Orbs and then try to 6link your chest!
Alright, that should be it.

There is not many tips to give, (the only interesting one is about Heist Dagger). Just be efficient. You can play 2 hours daily, and the other guy can play 6 hours. Even tho he plays 3x your time, you can get better results, because you are running maps 3x faster, you are looting 3x faster, you are putting away your items to stash tabs 3x faster. To earn tons of currency you need to be efficient.

I told you guys my thoughts, also about my preparations, goals and advices. I hope you guys going to enjoy 3.17 PoE league. I wish you best luck, a lot of Mirrors/Headhunters and Bloodmages! If you want to talk in game,track my level, or you want some help with killing Bosses, I can allways help. Add me in PoE to friendlist: SEVENLXRD and tell me in comments that you added me so I can go and accept the friend invite.



Good heavens that is a lot of Exalts in two weeks. GL on breaking that record. I don't think I'll be farming that many or getting into maps as quick as you will be. I tend to take my time getting into maps.

Good heavens that is a lot of Exalts in two weeks. GL on breaking that record.

Lol yea. That is a hard mission, but this league seems giga juicy so its possible

I tend to take my time getting into maps.

Yea man. Everyone should play at their own pace and enjoy the game.

 2 years ago  

Omg, both you and Enjar are going to be filling up my feed with PoE over the next few weeks. 🤣 I want to play it! I want to check out the new Atlas!! BUT, Lost Ark is released next Tuesday and I'm devoting all my time to that.


Wishing you all the luck in the League!! Hope you find a build that you want to play. 🙂

Omg, both you and Enjar are going to be filling up my feed with PoE over the next few weeks. 🤣 I want to play it! I want to check out the new Atlas!! BUT, Lost Ark is released next Tuesday and I'm devoting all my time to that.

haha so much poe on hive, but right I understand the lost ark part, everyone's been waiting for this game, including me. I'm gonna jump into Lost Ark when I finish with PoE, which will be in about 2-4 weeks. PoE for me is more like a tradition, can't skip it

Wishing you all the luck in the League!! Hope you find a build that you want to play. 🙂


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