I killed them

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They attacked for the second time in my absence

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In preparation for the autumn, I tried hard to bring some early flowers in my garden. Usually Winter is the best time for them, but as the weather cools down a bit, its possible to have them early in the garden, saving some of my time and excusing not to get up too early to pluck flowers. This is how they were coming up. I brought these two Malabar spinach plants from my native and planted them after a long time.











Before leaving, I pruned the marigold trees and feeded them well with some organic vermi compost, expecting by the time I come back after two weeks, I will see flowers. The job of watering them was delegated to my son ( ya, he takes care of them in my absence). This year the rain has been a spoiler, it rained continuously for 15 days. So there was no need for him to go and water them. To prepare the Web3 Meet up (details in this post), I came back. When I went to see my plants, it was a totally disaster. Those big insects attacked for the second time, eating out the entire body of the plants.





It felt like, they liked the heart and kidney of the Malabar spinach, and tried to eat every bits and pieces. But then, since they were running out of food, they evaded other plants. Furious me was having only choice in front of me - Kill them. I cut those Malabar spinach plants and threw it down from the roof top ( I hope they would have felt like doing a suicide). And then I placed a search warrant and found each of them in other plants and killed them mercilessly. I knew, if I would not do that, then I will not be able to sleep peacefully.

Sometimes back @steemflow reported similar issues, bugs ate up his plants. This year, the rain has created havoc all over. Many places are already flooded and I believe, that was the primary cause, these bugs arrived from nowhere. I have taken some corrective actions, and was able to save a few of them. Have replanted them again, but I will have to wait for the flowers, it will take at least couple of months to see them but that's the best I can do - be patient and put our best.




You can see some positive results in these pics, based on work done in last two weeks. Of late, I am loving the Tulsi tea, that is the reason, I am growing this Tulsi plant nicely.

And are you curious how that first pic came up ? I was trying a new tool : https://viralpostgenerator.com/ . I came across that in Twitter and it can write a post based on few words from you and I loved it ( I just provided two sentences and then edited the image a bit - not very good at it though). Its an AI based tool and helps people create posts to put in Linkedin. But its really a niche tool created by Tom Orbach, see this tweet for more details and you can use it as well :

Hopefully, I will have some good news in September, but who knows !! I am now moving between several places and cannot check their health on a regular basis. So hope for the best.

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What a bummer. Everything looked great and then to come home to the devastation had to be frustrating.
I ay have just thrown my hands up and not replanted, good for you.
I'm sure you will b on the lookout for any more bugs that make it your way.

good luck with the second planting.
have a wonderful weekend.

The problem is I have to move and not available to take care myself. My son is learning, but then he does not have the expertise to judge what's going wrong. With time, he will learn.

An also plant lover year, so i feel you sir, really. Its so great pity waiting your plants to bloom and instead of that to see them be destroyed! In my case, this insects Armadillidium vulgare, destroyed my beloved ivys and pothos! They love the moisture content of the soil! Hope you manage to see your plants bloomed! Below a link with the insect which destroy my plants!


They look so annoying, I instantly decided to kill them as soon as I saw, how did you manage ?

I did the same. I hate them so much as a spray them instantly, as i sang a different version of Mithun Chakraborty classic song ( disco dancer) as " iam insects killer ... haha ( true story)

Rest assured, the two Malabar spinach plants that you planted will grow spectacularly. Your garden really looks very beautiful. As always, I wish you much success from Venezuela. Thank you @sanjeevm for your continued visits.

Thanks for the tool recommendation, I'm gonna check and eye into it, and my god caterpillars are terrible, those plants are mostly dead from outside :( terrible.

The look of the plants really shows your taking good care of them because they all look nice and fresh

Insects can be a nuisance. The lettuces that I was growing had many holes, I sprayed pesticide and use net to cover it. The situation improved !

😜😠😎 yea.. get those bugs!! :P at first, I though we were baking..

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Omg, look at those bugs. Enjoying screwing up with the plants. Btw, you have a really nice terrace garden. I have a small one on my balcony.

Ya, this is the second time I saw such zombie insects, getting produced out of nowhere. The terrace garden has grown a lot, they already gave an ultimatum to remove them, but trying to hold it as long as it can go.

Hello dear friend @sanjeevm good day
It is incredible how these little caterpillars can be so fatal to the garden, I am very sorry for what has happened
Have a beautiful day

first 15 days in a row of rain is something very strange and surely they helped the development of those insects which devoured all his spinach plants, I hope he can have new plants and now without insects

they were a good amount of insects friend what destroyed your plants could you eliminate them from your garden or not yet

Ah your plants will make it because of your care for them. Hard to dismiss it to only the strong surviving when they are under your care!

The fact you took over preserving this life, and it enriches yours, means you are making the ultimate contribution to the universe.

Nothing more noble than gardening my friend.

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 3 months ago  

omg @sanjeevm those caterpillars look EVIL!!!! Your solution was hilarious, but I can imagine how FRUSTRATED you would have been!!!! You're like me with my rabbits....untitled.gif