Preserving Sweet Paprika Seeds

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Preserving seeds

I've been wanting to start this process for years now but not having a garden or a home with proper ventilation has stopped me from doing so. Now that we finally have a home where we can ventilate in most rooms, I figured it was time to take the opportunity of collecting and drying seeds of some products I later wish to grow in our future garden.

With that being said, this is my first post in the Hive Garden community, I read the pinned post and think I'm ok publishing here. If not, please let me know because I'm not a pro gardener but a curious newbie.

Growing stuff on the balcony

I had this nice vision of finally having a balcony after the previous home where I'd be able to grow stuff on the balcony and enjoy some fresh veggies or fruit maybe. Sadly living this close to the coastline has turned out to be a deal breaker for that so far because of the extreme winds that literally blow away the furniture on the terrace. Now this is clearly partially due to the landlady putting very light chairs and a table there but still, it's not been very motivating to do something with it.

There's hope and opportunity though

The balcony has one item that will never move from its place because it's an extremely heavy flower pot and although we bought ourselves some potting soil months ago, it's not been touched because of the heavy winds and lack of interest to risk things being damaged by the wind. Now that I started to collect some seeds, I'm going to see if there is one thing that I could try and start growing there even during the hot summer months, otherwise I will maybe just buy some flowers to put in there instead for some cool decoration when we sit there.

Starting with sweet paprika

I saw them in the supermarket a while ago and decided to bring them home because I was hoping for these to be the type of sweet paprika that I was hoping to find. The previous ones I found were green only and not that great in taste. Luckily for me these were found on Monday morning with 30% discount, nice!

Sweet paprika seeds (2).jpg

Roasted with sweet potatoes

I tried them by roasting them in a baking tin in the oven, together with sweet potatoes, topped with olive oil. They were so tasteful that I was happy that I took out all the seeds and put them on a kitchen paper to dry. When I did so, I had no idea how long it needed to dry but I figured that I could check that later.

Sweet paprika seeds (3).jpg
The start, of collecting the seeds..

I left them there for a week or so because I read it could take up to a week to dry, hopefully that info is correct, so far it seems to be going great because right now I added two more badges of the seeds and put them in one glass jar.

Sweet paprika seeds (1).jpg

And this is where they are now:

Sweet paprika seeds (5).jpg

No idea if I'm doing it right

But I figured I had to start somewhere. Right now I'm just collecting the seeds first and hoping I'm not messing it up long before they are going to be used. With my health being a bit of an issue lately, I haven't spent as much time on this topic as I'd hoped because other things have priority at this moment but I'll get there for sure because I believe at some point it will be hard to grow your own stuff and these seeds will become more valuable.

Can't wait

To have a place to grow them for the first time, if it turns out they can grow in the pot on the balcony, I will surely give that a test because I would not mind saving these euros by growing them myself. Then I would also have to learn about how to take care of them but I'm motivated to do that and already thinking which seeds I'm going to collect next because I don't know yet.

Do you grow your own stuff? What's your favourite veggie to grow? Did it take you long to properly do so? Let me know in the comments!

Wishing you a good week ahead!

All pictures above are my own...

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Good job. You are doing great.

It's a simple start but I'm hoping to find a new one to add soon :)

I use to grow some veggies in the past, but in recent times, I have not grown any, it seems I am face by the same challenges of not having a space in my current resident, but in few months to come, I may start growing my stuffs.
I think you are doing it right, it doesn't matter how you started, so far you have begin the process, they would grow nicely.

Oh I hope for you that you can grow stuff again in the near future.
The more I think about it, the more I'm willing to try it on the balcony, I'm now going to keep an eye on the sun/shade moments for a couple of days and find out if they should be in the sun or not because the pot is so extremely heavy that I can't move it around once I decide to go for it.

But as I'm collecting the seeds already, I may just give it a go..

I've been looking into indoor hydroponic systems that can be reasonably cost efficient Here. for some fresh greens over the winter months.

Conventional garden successes; two varieties of potato, onions, garlic and Bok Choy!

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Those systems look really cool! I think where I live now, outside would probably work better because of the temperature here but I don't know, I'd have to check that per thing that I would grow.

I wonder how much space I'd need to grow potatoes because of not having a real garden (thus needing pots). Onions are a thing to check for me because I often buy them and then they turn out rotten so quickly. Garlic the same story.

Thanks for the inspiration lady gardener!

I’ve never tried saving seeds. Sorry

Well, it's a first for me too, but I'm confident with my back issue that I'm never going to be a full on gardener as many are. I'm very motivated to at least grow a few things, maybe spark my daughter's interest to learn it as well and take care of them together.. These little paprika's are so good, I just put another bunch in the oven and put the seeds to dry..

 17 days ago  

Well done! Now to the growing part...

I never realised that that big heavy pot on our balcony could serve to grow something. Now the only thing I need to do first is to find out if that pot is in the direct sun the next months and if these paprikas need that or not, or if I need to move the pot for a better chance of success.

I'm going to figure it out though because it's worth a try and a good start because these are my favourite veggies at the moment.

Much to learn, but if I don't start, it will never happen, right?

How have you been? I will head to your blogs to find out.. :)

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They should grow, and hopefully be really good peppers!

Yes, I really hope the same :) I enjoy them so much, like I'm so pleased that my boyfriend and daughter don't fancy them as much as I do so I don't have to share them. They are so tiny and just a few per package and I'm happy to eat them all myself!


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You're doing great and I hope you finally get a chance to some stuffs.