MY GOALS FOR 2022 : Things I Want To Change And Achieve


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I know that 2022 has already started, and this might be quite late, but here are some changes that I would want to see done for myself and the goals I want to reach before this year ends.

I’ve never really made a new year’s resolution before, and this might be the first one I made.

So here we go.


The first change I want to see for myself is becoming more confident with myself and believing in my abilities.

I have been the person who doesn't believe in my capabilities in anything, whether in academics or writing. I wish to change my attitude and be more proud of myself for this new year.

I believe in what I can do well, and I know that in my heart.


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The second thing I want to change is to stop pleasing people all the time.

I’ve been a people-pleaser all my life because I tend to make decisions that make others happy regardless of my feelings.

I now know that I should prioritize myself and put my happiness first above everyone else’s.

In that way, I will be happier with my own life and be able to help others better.

The third thing I want to change is to stop being too nice to everyone.

I’ve been known to be “manhid,” or a person that has trouble interpreting another person’s mood or situation.

I’ve been told by others who (allegedly) had a crush on me in the past that I was “manhid” because I never noticed it despite all the signs. Where am I going with this?

Well, I don’t seem to know where boundaries are when I am being too nice that it’s flirty or when I’m just being genuinely nice.

I treat others like how I want to be treated, regardless of gender, which leads to my girlfriend being mad about it. Not because I am friendly, but because it might come off flirty when that wasn’t my intention at all.



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My first goal for 2022 is to become a successful Hive blogger.

I’ve read tons of articles about Hive bloggers buying phones and the things they love just after three or four months of writing, so I know I am at the best place to achieve my dreams; all I need is to stay consistent at it.

I want to make a decent earning from my Hive blogs and make it my part-time job while I am still studying.

My second goal is to reach six-figure savings and investments.

I’ve never held or had access to money of six figures that was my own, so that would be my second goal for the year 2022.

I am a very frugal person, and I don’t buy many things for myself; that’s why every time I earn money, I invest it all. Whether it may be in crypto or stocks. I’m even planning to open up an MP2 account, but I still have no reliable income stream.

But once I become a successful blogger, things will snowball from there.

The last goal for myself in the year 2022 would be to start going back to the things I previously loved.


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In the past, I loved writing poems watching k-dramas and documentaries, but the past year, I never really got the chance to do those.

I know hustling is a must if I want to achieve financial freedom, but our mental healths are way more important than money, and it is crucial to set aside time for ourselves and enjoy the things we love doing.

Hopefully, when 2022 ends, I get to achieve all of these things. When 2023 starts, I will return to this article and check the things I’ve achieved and what I didn’t.

How about you? What are your goals this year?


How old are you? 😊 Your goals are great! I remember myself setting up a 5-year goal before and that includes traveling abroad 😊 so proud to say that I did achieve everything!
Wish you luck for this and I know you can do it!🙏

I'm 20 years old! Thank you so much!!! It's great to hear that you achieved your goals! I wish I could also achieve mine.

 9 months ago  

This post deserve 100% upvote. I admire you being at such young age ,thinking and planning like adults 30 + . Really good and happy to see that as not many teenagers willing or wanted to do / act / think such so. I wish you success and prosper my friend . Keep it up the good work . Don forget about us too 😊😊

Thank you so much! Seeing my parents struggle a lot has made me realize that I should figure out my plans way ahead of time, and I'm just starting now! I wish you success as well my friend!

 8 months ago  

thank you so much my friend. Your parents would be so proud of you if they seen this . Dont give up my friend. You always have us here

Thank you so much my friend! I definitely will keep it up. Thank you for your support!

 8 months ago  

you're most welcome my friend

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My goal is simple but takes time to achieve:

Get financial freedom someday, or I should say: don’t 100% rely on my job salary as my monthly income, I should lower the percentage from salary in my total income of the month, better lower to 50% or even less. It’s difficult but still possible, investing on crypto and keep writing on hive is a good option for sure.

Regarding to the thing I want to change: become more patient maybe

Awesome goals you have there my friend. It's great that you want to find other ways to create income, that's something that more people should focus on.

Becoming more patient is something that I also learned in the past, there is no such thing as an overnight success, and if there are, it's most likely through luck. Just focus on the things you want to achieve and you'll succeed in time, my friend!

For someone so young, you know what you want, and you have a plan on how to achieve them. So I say, just go for it. But yes, let life happen to you as well while you're achieving your goals. Don't forget to enjoy the little pleasures in life. I'm rooting for you!

Thank you so much! I agree, I should also go with the flow of time, enjoy my teenage years and spend time with my loved ones as often as I can!

This is great to read! I'm glad that even at your young age, you recognize your worth and have high goals. Remember that not everything will go as planned and that things may bend slightly. Just keep in mind what you wanted to accomplish and keep going without getting discouraged. A lot will be put to test, but you can get through it all!

Fighting! 💪(Korean expression of "I'm rooting for you")😊

Thank you for this! I should have also acknowledged that my plans won't always work out and that I have to bend them as you mentioned. Thank you for the advice and the assurance!!!!

Your welcome. Anytime 😊
You always remind me of my little brother. Maybe because you guys are of the same age.

We have (some) the same goals we want to achieve. Hopefully, we'll be able to get that no matter what happens😊

That's nice to hear! Yes, we for sure will, we just need to focus on our goals and not get discouraged!

Praying that you'll achieve your dreams this 2022!

Thank you, my friend! I wish you the same as well!

It's good to set your goals to be motivated in life. Sometimes we never knew that we mind others instead of our own emotions. Anyway, go for it.

 8 months ago  

May you be able to attain your changes and goals in this coming 2022. I know that you'll be able to make it through.

Keep safe always!

 8 months ago  
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