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We went straight downtown on Sunday for a quick bite (lunch) after driving away from the other place. The husband suddenly decided that we come home when we were supposed to stay there for another 2-3 days.

Anyway, we were starving but opted to go light so we didn't have rice, which on normal days would be present. At least it's his idea so I was game because he usually likes to have rice meals.

We took one of the tables overlooking the street and the school grounds. We were at the balcony of Balcony Café so to speak, lol! It was a hot day and the spot was perfect - airy and a lot more spacious.

Back to the ordering, the first option we were considering was Ramyun but because the husband bit his lip while munching on some Ube rolls earlier that day, he was afraid that the spiciness would hurt so I let him choose what we would be having.

After confirming what he's going to take, he went away leaving his phone on the table where I noticed the interesting reflection of the back of the wicker chair.

I took a photo of it, moved the smartphone a few inches away from the original position and had a bit of fun capturing the mirrored images of the clouds and some glimpses of blue sky on the screen.

Our order came some 15 minutes later. The husband obviously went for the classics - a platter of the good ole club sandwich, a serving of Kimbap and flavored drinks - pineapple and I don't remember the pinkish one.

They didn't serve them altogether though. The Kimbap (Gimbap) arrived first, the drinks a few minutes later, then the sandwich came afterwards.

The Kimbap was good. We ate them all. The drinks? Well, I would not be having them again because they were artificially-flavored.

The sandwich is lovely and we love the fact that they maintained the fillings especially the veggies.

[Photographed by the husband]

We spent a little more time there even after we were done with our meals. But then a group of customers came around and they were rather noisy so we left, stopping by our favorite shop for groceries and drove home.

Meanwhile, it's a beautiful Thursday here and we are going out for some errands plus other stuff so I'm offline most of the day. But as always, I'll will come around probably later in the afternoon or at evening time.

Until then, happy new day!

Photos are my own. 25052023/09:30ph

Smile... laugh often... love more... be happy and grateful always!


I see you guys had fun. Even with our busy lives, every once in a while, it is fine to make out time for your partner, go out, have fun and drive back. You did we LL and it is good to know . It was thoughtful of you to get a snapshot of the clouds and the image of the chair. They turned out beautiful. Weldone.

We did, thank you :) And it's very true, those times are absolutely needed, a welcoming break from life's busyness. Thanks much for your kind remarks :)

This is the first post I am reading in the morning after wake up. Still now I didn't brush my teeth but watching this food photographs made me more hungry 😅.
Besides the reflection on mobile screen is looking very beautiful in my eyes.

Many thanks Inti for reading through. Hope you are not hungry now, lol!

I finished my breakfast and lunch and currently, I am going to take my snacks after making that comment. How can I remain hungry till now😂?

Looks yummy, but you're right - artifically flavoured drinks are yuk! Love the reflections in your phone.

Thank you :) Yes, the drinks were a turn off.

A shame about the drinks CJ.

Hi my name is creative CJ I am an artist now 😜

Haha! That reminds me I'm yet to do the 4th art task!

Ang galing umanggulo sa reflections ah. Hehe. Ang sarap ng mga pagkain. Hehe

Salamuch naman :D

This is the definition of Enjoyment
I wish you more beautiful times like this

We do need those times :D
Thank you !LADY

hi and welcome back to #photo-essay , looks like you had a nice moment with your husband , i can't stand noisy people either in restaurants always makes me wonder if they would behave the same way at home or not.

thank you for sharing your photos and story .

Thank you lots and it's a pleasure to share here.

It's not really nice when people get so noisy. It irks me so I'd rather leave before I get a headache, lol!

As always, I enjoy reading your blog and how you share your life in the online platform. But..I am hungry pagkakita ko sa mga foods pictures hahahah.

Thank you, Sydney. Hope you had eaten and not feeling gutom :D

Ay thanks for the luv token! Sending virtual hugs..

Hey your food make me hungry again 😂😋 but i love your reflection picture in your phone and it's the cool idea to capture reflection

Thank you Lesly :) I appreciate your kind words. Hope you are no longer hungry now, lol!


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Great cloud captures.
The food looks delicious 🤤
Have a great end of the week 👋🏻😊

Thank you, Jackie. Good to see you. I wish you a lovely day :)

You are welcome @ifarmgirl 👋🏻😊 still too busy… but almost all sorted. So I should be around. Catching up now 🤓
Have a wonderful week ☀️🌺

Nowadays, the way every person is busy in their life and such opportunity and time is less, it is good for your husband to be with each other, it will relax the mind of both of you a lot. By spending time with each other, people can understand each other and love each other more and the food seems to be more fun, but what you have done is also true that it would have been yesterday. It is not fun if it is put on its own.

That's very true. It's one of those little things on how we grow together. The benefit is enormous.


Yeah you are right.


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