Day two, visiting the best nature places at Soča Valley

Hello dear Hive community!

Today is the second day with our friend Holger and at the same time the last one, as the work is calling him.


This morning we decidet to let Holger sleep as he was already mentioning the day before, that he is lacking sleep. In that time, Tamara and me spent the morning in our own way with coffee and working for some time next to the cosy.

To not lose too much of the short daylight in this wintertime, we wanted to show some old forest areas to him as we were talking about it yesterday. Up under the Krn mountain are still some very huge and magnificent trees which have a powerful energy when you see them. To reach this parts of the forest we had to walk though high snow and even sometimes something like ice snow which was better, as we were not just sank into the snow for half meter every step we made.




Watching the trees and standing some time next to the river to observe many variants of ice flowers and ice candles, we wanted to enjoy the lunch early as we planned to go to visit the Tolmin gorge in the afternoon.

With full bellies from eating some goat, chicken, potatos and green coole, we started the small hike around the area at the gorge of the river.




Walking here, seeing fishes in the river, observing springs and river rapids was very calming and pleasant for the eyes. Our perception on the whole gorge was very different than when we visited in the summertime. Also there was not many people, which made place very at peace.



There was a special moment, when just before the sunset, the sun came out shinning full power and all the sky turned from grey to blue. It was so nice!


On the way back at the very high so called Devil's bridge, we all got very fastinated by some climbers hanging on ropes just above the gorge and the river. They were climbing up 60 meters, for what you need really strong arm muscles.

Driving back home, we were rewarded with last sunrays turning white mountain tops into magical pink shine.





We reached home and prepared some nice light dinner with the glass of wine. The weekend could not ended more nicely. We were ready for the busy week ahed of us!

Wish you a great start of the week!

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That is super nice of ypu guys! Thank you 🌻

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Photography, I don't think I'm looking at anything else. I was really impressed by the scenery, amazing nature.

@semarekha thank you so much for stopping by and also posting this on Twitter!
I'm very happy that you liked it 💛
Wish you a very nice day 🌻