My Jersey Cow "Moo" and Her Big Surprise!

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On the Gubba Homestead I recently got a Jersey cow whos name is Moo lol She provides me daily with tons of milk and cream. The cream I use to make butter, cheese and food for the chickens and dogs. Moo came from a dairy farm that was downsizing and when I saw her I feel in love! I knew she would enjoy being on the open fields here on my new homestead. The milk she gives me daily is so stinkin' good!

For the first two months of having her it was a bit of a long and stressful process to get her into the stanchion I built and milk her. Fast forward to today when I call her into the barn she now goes right in! I think she knows she's getting grains, her favorite lol

Moo came with a big surprise, she's pregnant!!! She's due to have her baby in September! That means a few days ago I stopped milking her so her body can get strong and prepared to have her calf.

The neighbors have many cows which she often seems to talk to and connect with as their fences are next to each other. I took a picture of their cows they have looking over at me. They are pretty destructive and have broken out of their fencing into my yard twice now causing all shorts of havoc that you can see in my other posts. They also have a beautiful calf named daisy who you can see in the thirds picture. This has me so excited to keep and take care of the first birth here on the Gubba Homestead! If it's a boy or a girl, I'll be keeping it. A boy raised for meat as it's a mix of jersey and black angus and a girl for double the milk!

Thank you for joining me on this Journey of becoming a self-sufficient homesteader. If you enjoy vlogs I encourage you to watch my vlog channel.

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That looks so peaceful!

I hope it's a boy lol

wow it is very interesting to briefly know the history of Moo lol. It's good that she feels comfortable and that she will soon have her baby and she is being well cared for, I am very happy for her and for you. It is a nice experience.

I really like the countryside, my dad comes from the countryside, although here in Venezuela they are very different. I remember a cow that my grandmother had called "little chest" and she didn't like us girls, that's why she chased us. She felt more comfortable with men.

Animals have their own personality and not just temperament. First time I read one of your posts but I would love to know more about that farm life. I will be aware of that new and small member that is to come. Have a nice day! 🌸😎

Animals really do have their own personalities it's so wild and builds a closer connection with them. How people treat animals I feel is a direct reelection on the kind of person they are. More farm life coming! 😊 I've really enjoyed sharing it with you all. What makes it even better is how much you all have enjoyed the journey with me that's worth so much!

Definitely the treatment we give to animals depends more on who we are. You said it perfectly.

You will surely share more amazing photos and stories. I will look forward to them .

It looks like it was a fun visit

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The neighboring cows are naughty. It was an interesting post for me. May the calf be born healthy

They are! Super stressful when they get out.

Thank you so much for this information

Having the opportunity to experience country life must be great. I have always lived in the city and the times I have shared with a cow, it has been for short visits to ranches. I hope everything turns out great. ✨

I'm really enjoying it. Took a lot of work and continues to take a lot of work. Homestead life has it's challenges for sure but I look at it as growth for myself. Thank you for the well wishes ♥️

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