An Impromptu Drive on a Friday

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We had a gorgeous weather yesterday which made us decide to go out of the house and take a drive to my in-law's house just before mid-day. As usual, we stopped by the grocery shop to get some needed foodstuffs for him. Next was picking up a whole chicken lechon for lunch. The old man wasn't expecting us so it was best to buy something and no need to be cooking.

And then we headed to the hardware store for the husband has some orders to place. We drove straight to my father-in-law's place from there. He was sorting some wood planks when we arrived. We were just glad that there had been no damages around the area.

We ate lunch under the citrus tree and spent over 3 hours catching up and chitchatting about various things. It's quite amusing how we seem to have a lot to talk about like we have been away for so long a time when we were just there 2 weeks ago. Anyway, here's an image of the skies mirrored on the husband's phone screen.

We left around 3 pm. The sky kind of warned us that it's going to rain. Picked up some veggies and bananas at our favorite fruit shop then drove home arriving just before the drizzle began.

And Saturday is here, another bright and quiet day here at our lil kingdom. Well, except for the birds that are chirping and hopping from one tree to another by the yard. The husband seems to have caught a bug and is now snoring in bed😅 The sudden weather changes tend to make people feel sick.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to adjust using my phone to do Hive among other things. No one knew when our electricity will be restored so we can only hope it comes back very soon. Today marks the fourth day of the power outage and its absence certainly makes life a little challenging as it affects almost every basic thing we do everyday from cooking, bathing, cleaning and what else. However, it also makes us think of ways to cope and survive. I'm quite sure most people here and the other 2 neighboring towns are having some tough times but this will come to pass.

Until then, life goes on.

Happy weekend!

Photos are my own. 09:30ph

Smile... laugh often... love more... be happy and grateful always!

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That was a beautiful trip and I took my time to devour the chicken in the picture.

The images looks great and I love the beautiful presence of nature in them. When you are around the people you love, there is always something to talk about even though you guys see each other everyday.

The electricity is taking longer than expected, probably the continuous rain is prevented the necessary repairs

Please allow Farmboy sleep as much as he can, it is weekend; rest day.

It was, George. And hope you enjoyed devouring the chicken😅

The materials needed for the repair of the main plant are rumored to be coming from Japan. Not sure how true but it seems it will take a while for the power to come back. Tough times here, huh!

And yep, the FB had been taking his time to sleep today. Thank you lots and have a wonderful weekend.

From Japan? That must be a very serious issue and it would be faster if they airlift it but if it's coming by sea, that would be terrible.

That's what we were saying. They can have it faster by air cargo. They were just rumors though.

Ang ganda ng mga pictures. Saang bayan yan?

Salamuch naman. Dito pa rin sa amin.

Beautiful landscaping

Thank you !LADY😉

Beautiful photos 👌 by the looks of those bananas and pineapples you got me longing for them.

Nice to visit family and share s meal together.
I hope your electricity is restored soon.

Happy weekend.

Many thanks, Joe. It was a nice time spent. Power is still out. The damage is quite extensive and materials needed for the repairs are coming from overseas they say so it may take a long while.

Happy weekend to you.

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Happy weekend. The environment around there looks beautiful. I hope you enjoyed while visiting but I think spending time in such kind of environment can give us pleasure specially when we enjoy the beauty by walking.

Thank you, Inti. We had a good time and true what you said, the greenery are a pleasing sight.


I thought it is only here in Africa we do have electricity issues
Anyways I hope it is restored back on time
I love this full chicken 🍗 can I join you 🤣

We do have them especially during typhoons. Apparently, the main plant that supplies 3 towns had extensive damages due to the recent storm.

And sure, we can order some more chicken😂

A beautiful collection of pics from a beautiful women ;)

Thank you lots😊 I appreciate your kind words.


When there is such a beautiful weather, going to places is a pleasure in itself and seeing beautiful things makes a person very happy, just like you are seeing that your food is also looking very interesting. Becomes more relaxed.

What a beautiful impromptu trip @ifarmgirl. Always nice to meet up.
Hope the electricity is shortly sorted.
Have a great weekend 👋🏻😊🌺

Really your weather seems pretty and it feels like you had a fun on Friday , it's really good to go outside when weather is so beautiful ❤️
Have a happy weekend ❣️

That's true, Lesly. Good to be out when the weather's so nice. Thank you and hope you are having a wonderful time.

Fantastic weather up here too. Warm evening skies.

Whoa, that is a lovely sight. !LUV the colors of the horizon. And it looks warm indeed.❤


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