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RE: Day 2 in Ocean City lead us to the Dogfish Head brewery in Delaware

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To be honest, my best time of the day is to wake up while the world is still sleeping.
You are having a great holiday and family is precious mate. I lost all of mine and I am the last man standing and many days I rue the fact that we didn't spend more time together. But we all had a nomad nature and we spread into the four winds.

You seem to be doing great with yours and enjoy every minute of your stay there.


I can tell a major difference between getting up early and sleeping in all morning. I much prefer being an early riser.

It was surely difficult to accept losing your family as time continued and their lives did not. Any but if time and memories you did get to have together will surely never be forgotten by you.

Oh yes, the silence of a sleeping world is a major bonus and then later to go out and get the sunrise is always great.

Difficult times to see them all go one after the one until nothing is left. Then one wonders about life and the illusions of it. The memories are stored in my life forever my friend.