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For the first time in Ilorin,Ilorin Hivers did a meet up. Though it was an impromptu schedule prior to the event yesterday which was on 21th of August,2022. It was one of it kind despite it's only few Hivers that attended the event. During the process of scheduling the event, notification was sent to people we could reach out to but unfortunately most hivers were unable to attend to one genuine reason to the other. Those that were in attendance were @peterale , @olaunlimited , @twicejoy , @monica-ene and @iambamsun

Reason for the meet up.

The reason for the meet up was to whine and dine but fortunately it went beyond what we first thought. So in lieu that, a lot of things were discussed. Some of the things are..

  • The first meet up will kick start further Hive meet ups from now on because some people are unable to join.

  • We talked about project that
    we Ilorin Hivers can do or embark on as a sign of intention to give back to our immediate community. Because it's not everybody that has the opportunity to blog,so we can make people to feel the impact of Hive community blockchain in the society

  • We discussed most of the rules of the hive community "do and don't".

  • A lot of issues were solved,many suggestion were tabled.









After some talking points,we took pictures and then whine and dine. Finally, we also agree that, as we started the meet up tagged the first edition,we hope it will never stopped and probably the next one will be before December and we believe people will attend in mass.










All thanks to @felixxx who sponsored the first hive meet up in Ilorin,Kwara state.

Thanks for stopping by to view my blog. Please do have a wonderful day ahead.@peterale cares🤭


Very cool, the first real hive meet up as i told you! Best regards!

Hahahaha...'the first real hive meet up' you say?! are right tho, the first official hive meetup

You can say that again and again. It's going to be real of course. Thanks so much Buddy!!@balte 💯🔥🥂

Glad you had fun :)

@roelandp should consider Lagos for Hivefest 2023.

Lagos indeed 😂😀

If it's Lagos next,then it's gonna to be lit.🔥🔥🔥

This one☝️... I'll be really looking forward to it

That will be amazing indeed

It is good to have a gathering if like minded people to learn about blockchain and all the potentials therein.
Thank you to our esteem sponsor, @felixxx am indebted to you for all the knowledge gained.

New trademark Incoming



Yeah! We hope so....
Thanks for the beer @quekery 🍻

Congratulations on your first hive meet up! 👍
Keep it up!
Nice to see @monica-ene, too. 😉

Many greetings with !LOL !BBH !invest_vote

Thanks dear 🤗

You are welcome! 😉 !BEER

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Thanks so much @kvinna
Really appreciate your comments

Thank you!


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Nice one. Enjoy👍

Thanks Comrade 🥂

Great initiatives, great bonding, love the Team! Everyone here look amazing! Looking forward to many more meet-ups/ hivefest.

Beautiful, this is around Messiah High school, tanke. I couldn't log in on my hive for some time now due to backup issues on a new phone. Sad I missed it, looking forward to the next.

Yeah! If you are based in Ilorin,you can actually be added to our group chat. Thanks for stopping by Ejire. We will meet soon.🥂

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Wow this is cool. Meet up with friends thay you get close here on Hive is just awesome man 🤩. Y'all look having fun ☺️

Yes we had fun,.. You'd be surprised how the bond gets stronger with people you meet here ...

Looking forward to yours too


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