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A fase 3 'medical' trial can not do without.

It is a global experiment

And humanity is the guinea pig? "No, it is science, dear Watson", the world famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes might have stated. These days I start to experience my search for the truth like some kind of detective work. Too many anomalies are surrounding this whole 'virus' thing, still going on. As far as I can remember these are the longest 14 days I've ever experienced in my whole life so far. It feels like 14 months, or even more, to be honest. Many anomalies had me already question this whole thing going on and on. But recently there was one specific anomaly that kind of blew my mind.

According to a British minister of vaccination a 'covid passport' would become mandatory, for people to be allowed to participate in society. Those who would be considered fully innoculated are the vaccinated ones and those who recieved the placebo. WHAT!? Come again? In case you are unfamiliar with the word Placebo, it means: 'a substance that has no therapeutic effect, used as a control in testing new medication.' In the case of the so called (mRNA) 'vaccines' that could mean the syringe is filled with an NaCl solution. Or in simple terms, one would get injected with a salt water solution.

No effect, yet considered fully innoculated?

There were people who told me that they had no side effects whatsoever after they got the first and / or the second injection. And I also know those who got quite ill, at least for a couple of days, with flue like symptoms. The claim that the injections are completely safe turned out to be propaganda. A lot of people have died, became handicapped for life or at least got sick for a couple of days. This is based on information that governments officially provide, yet do not publicly promote. Neither do the biased mass media channels (including the so called 'social' ones.) Nor do most people know and understand they are taking part in a 'medical' trial that will last at least until 2022. Where the last part of the global 'medical' experiment will end in 2024. It is still in fase 3.

How on earth is it even possible that governments can actually 'legally' directly and / or indirectly coerce people into taking part in this 'medical' trial? Well, if governments and the sycophant mass media channels (including the so called 'social' ones) hide certain important information then how can people make a true voluntary well balanced choice? Just shortly before the needle gets pushed into their arm they get information handed about the content of the syringe. That is another anomaly, I think. And because it is a global 'scientific' experiment, a 'medical' trial, people should have a clear voluntary choice! Which can only be based on a full disclosure of all relevant information. A government claiming it can be trusted, is a contradiction in terminus, this case proofs it again.

Placebo receivers get a pass, refusers not?

They are considered fully innoculated, when they belong to the placebo group. Those who refuse to get the injection(s), trusting their natural immunity system for instance, will get discriminated. Let that sink in for a while. The placebo group does not even know they only got a salt water solution injected. Falsely believing they got innoculated, getting the 'vaccin passport' as a reward for taking part in a 'medical' trial, they were not even aware of. This is crazy, as according to the so called 'experts' they could then still get severely sick and become super spreaders of new 'variants'. Even endangering the really 'vaccinated' by maybe spreading 'mutants', as the beta-Corona virus family is a 'recombinant' one.

So, actually no one knows, or is able to know if somebody with a 'virus pass' is truly safe. And those who had no side effect(s) at all, they might start to honestly doubt if they might have gotten the placebo. While they have taken the risk to get the injection(s) because they believed the constant governmental propaganda. Heavilly supported by the fear porn spread by the biased mass media channels (including the so called 'social' ones). And finally yielding under the peer group pressure they experienced. But for what? To me this is the biggest anomaly so far.

As I stated before, I do think the most angry mob will be the one that feels double crossed in this 'only 14 days to flatten the curve' madness. Businesses have been ruined, jobs lost and human lifes lost of those who had other mortal diseases, but did not get treatment. The list of governmental failure is almost endless. Promises were not met, not even with the 'vaccines'. Still it is being propagated constantly. While in the meantime it is getting stated that humanity will need to learn to live with 'the eternal virus'. While those who got a placebo injection are considered completely 'innoculated'. Welcome to another episode of 'the Clown world'.

Observe criticaly, think substantively, express yourself freely!

This had me laugh for quite a while, until I got it that it is real. Not some great British comedy, still a clown though.

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Some people just get saline and a tracking chip - and some get graphene oxide and a tracking chip - toss of a coin...


Many will take a 'booster' injection combined with a quantum dot ID number tattoo. No chip needed, it connects the digital identity to the analogue one. Presented as a 'medical' record.

You wont be able to buy, sell or live without it.

"Never again", they said, after WW2...

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Bastards, fucking despicable and repulsive bastards!!!

That really sums it up in one sentence!

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That's right a global experiment to see how many they can kill and how much money they can make through forced vaccinations. I hate being pessimistic, but they are doing great business at our cost.

Where it all boils down to in the end is money, power and control. And I think that can be concluded realistically. Now it is up to humanity what to do about it. There are massive uprises on a global scale already, it aint over until its over.

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It does, I agree its all about money power and control. true it ain't over yet.