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The world is over crowded; but legacies are Immortal. When your name is mentioned, what comes to mind. Our heroes past are remembered today not because of their parentage or background, but because of what they stood for.
Nelson Mandela is ever remembered for his fight against apartheid, he was all-out against victimisation of the black race.

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Another man that really impacted his generation and till now, his name still rings bell is Martin Luther King jnr. He is remembered for speaking up against injustice and for his strong stance for equality of all human race.


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Woa, another great man that left legacies on the sand of times is Abraham Lincoln, he never accepted defeat, despite the numerous failures he encountered in his career pursuit.

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These great men will never be forgotten, even in a hurry, they tried their best, they came, saw, fight and conquer and stood out.
This is our time, our chance so........

Therefore, if you want to be relevant, if you desire an influential capability, if you love to impact your generation, then you must be know for something. No matter how thick the darkness may be, light destroys it . No matter how dried ones throat may be , a little water soothes it.

You can not live an ordinary life and expect to be extraordinary, you can't live a mediocre life style and expect to be a celebrity .

Stand up for something and make it count and you will be know for what you stood for.

Tips for standing out

  1. Look inward
  2. Consider your innate abilities
  3. Think about what makes you uncomfortable
  4. Study God's word
  5. Read autobiographies / biographies of great achievers
    And finally take a decision

Questions to ponder
Where are the Nelson Mandela (s), Abraham Lincoln (s) Martin Luther King jnr (s) ?
Its pertinent we rise to these challenges or else posterity will not forgive us.
Our generation must situp determined to make a difference inorder to have our names imprinted on the sand of times.
Frankly speaking, if we are not careful, our generation will be forgotten without a positive impact.


The truth is whether we accept or yes, we are affecting our society either positively or negatively.
What will we be known for ( fraudsters, womaniser, terrorist etc) God forbid.
Let's arise and take responsibility to make our society better.
Our Generation is in dire need of Passionate Leaders, People with proven integrity is on high demand, selfless and sacrifice leaders are urgently needed
Will you be one.
Let's not disappoint our generation. Thanks.