Supporter Video | Antarctica Navy Officer speaks about “hole in the ice”

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In this supporter video I go into general news then into a Navy Officer who spoke on a radio show about some high strangeness in Antarctica, such as the massive hole he said he saw from his plane in the ice. All timecodes/links are below - thanks for your support!

Video from news:

Antarctica into:

Navy Officer clip 1

Navy Officer clip 2

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Navy Officer clip

Full radio interview with Navy Officer:

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It's obvious that covert research is ongoing in Antarctica. It would be extremely conducive to biological research that would bear far more risk elsewhere, no matter how barren, because of the frigid temperatures that would prevent spread of any kind of life form and the absence of biological vectors for escaped biologics to reproduce in or otherwise take advantage of.

It's also absolutely more efficient to burrow into the ice to develop infrastructure than to erect structures above the ice, for numerous reasons. Governments conducting covert research in Antarctica does not suggest aliens, but suggesting aliens as a cover for such research would certainly misdirect investigative inquiry, much as I believe has affected covert flight programs in more habitable locales.

In the Arctic, the Inuit peoples have long benefited from the ability of igloos to provide interior temperatures above freezing despite being made of ice. Competent bush survival includes knowledge that snow is excellent insulation.

Given the expense of providing expendable resources in Antarctica, it is implausible to suggest that structures of consequence built for any purpose of expected duration other than ephemeral and temporary, would not be subsurficial. It's also pretty easy to simply melt into ice, and over time it would be far more efficient to deliver materiel and personnel via large ports that helicopters could easily navigate than to transfer them above the ice in full exposure to environmental conditions.

That makes that hole observed utterly expected. It would also explain the discretion of scientists conducting covert research, which would also be expected.

While evil overlords and nefarious purposes aren't necessary to covert operations, they are certainly potential to Antarctic location.


yeah, I was thinking that those people in the bar, whispering about aliens - if the person is not making things up - which is possible - but would be working some type of cover etc., - I don';t know what is going on there of course, but I would say an area like that, would have a lot of gold and mineral resources, oil, etc., so I am sure they are taking a lot of that out - where it goes is anyone's guess - its the strangest thing Antarctica, and what is going on down there.

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