Can We Make The Cutest Blockchain Game... Even Cuter?

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Dear @farmingtales guys,

Hi, I’m Cyn and I love your game. I’m a big fan.

I spent years not playing any games. I actually hated them. I would get so mad at my ex for spending HOURS playing games.

The weird thing was that I bought my kid tons of board games. We had quite a collection at one point but we rarely played them. Maybe on someone’s birthday, we’d play a game but it would end up in a fight because someone cheated or someone was rude to someone else and we would start shouting at each other.

It wasn’t the most peaceful environment but we could have made it better to enjoy our games more.

Anyway, I hated games.

But 3 years ago I met @ryzeonline and he showed me how to find happiness again. I learned how to play games again.

He played League of Legends and I had never heard of it. I wanted to be closer to him and learn about his favorite game so I spent hours watching videos and trying to play on my laptop. But I was having a really hard time because they were speaking a weird league language and I couldn’t find a translator lol!

Finally, I confessed to him that I was trying to learn how to play but it wasn’t going well and he said (what he always says when I need help) “I’ll help you!

And he did. We had so much fun playing at night before we went to bed. I was living in NYC and he was in Toronto but we played most nights.

Then he taught me about Magic: The Gathering. I went to visit him in Toronto and since our birthdays are 10 days apart I went so we could celebrate our birthdays together. He bought me two packs of Magic cards. He WRAPPED them (no man had ever given me a wrapped gift before in my life) But Jay wrapped it!

We played a bunch and had so much fun.

Then he taught me Path Of Exile and that’s such a super fun game too. We made all kinds of inside jokes and laughed so much while playing it. It was a lot of fun.

Most recently, came Farming Tales.

Ok so this time he didn’t teach me but he and I learned together. We again laughed, played, and we were excited about the frustrations of learning any new game. We love being frustrated because this is how we find solutions and make things easier. Plus it was helpful for him when he was writing the guide.

But see, the thing about the other games I listed above, that I feel is missing from them is their level of cuteness.

Now League has some cuteness hidden inside of it. It’s got a few champs that are cute, they do cute dance moves, or say funny things. But we’re so busy getting gold and killing the enemy that we don’t have much time to appreciate that in-game.

Magic and POE both have the occasional cute creature but again the time thing.

So you can imagine how happy I was to see the level of cuteness Farming Tales has right? Like here’s a game where the farmer is adorable, the tractor, the sunflower field, the pond, the house, etc is just so cute.

And I know for some players this doesn’t matter.

But for me…well I LOVE cute things. I am a sucker for cuteness and sweetness and anything ‘super kawaii’.

League, Magic, and POE were all made and marketed mostly for guys. Farming Tales probably has been too but there’s a chance here to market it for more girly-girls who love to game.

I don’t know if you know this but there are a lot of ‘girly’ gamers who LOVE playing video games and who would adore Farming Tales.

Personally, I’d love to see it even cuter than it already is…

…I mean those cute lil animal babies are just begging to be cuter and I know you guys have already changed things and have indeed made them cuter…but maybe next time we can up the ante so to speak?

Our goose.png
Here's what the 'old' goose looked like...

but you guys made some changes and now you can see...

Here's what the new goose looks like

You guys made him cuter than he was for sure! And that menu too!

But can you make him walk around his goose shelter? How cute would it be for the farmer to go out to the shelter and see his cute lil goose waddling around in the fenced-in shelter?

And speaking of farmers…can we get the option of a girl farmer in pink overalls? I know you changed the farmer already…

old cute lil farmer.jpeg
Here's the old farmer...look how cute he is!

But you guys changed him to this...
Here's the new grumpy old farmer - still cute!

It would be so cool and fun if we could pick the ‘cute boy farmer’, the ‘cute pink girl farmer’, or the new ‘old man grumpy-looking farmer.’ Girls love choices!

Color choices also make most girls happy, lol! It would make the game soooooo much cuter.

Anyway, you guys did do a good job with some of the new stuff to make it softer, cuter, rounder and I love it…




The menu is MUCH better, prettier, and more graceful (if a menu can look graceful…to me it can lol)

I’m excited about whatever you do next!

Anyway, all that said… I love games now. All kinds of games. And Farming Tales is my newest game and I’m just so pleased that it’s so cute. I would LOVE to see it even cuter than it is but I’ll gladly take it as is. It’s the cutest one out there that I’ve played myself…though to be fair it’s the ONLY NFT game I’ve played, haha, it’s still adorable.

I’d love to see some more cuteness added but I feel like you guys will do great with New Waxchester (the new town that will be part of the game that is coming soon!) and hopefully add a bunch of cuteness there. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

New Waxchester.jpg
Here's a sneak peak of New Waxchester! It's adorable!

Thank you for all the love you put into the cutest blockchain game ever!

~Love, Cyn


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Oh thank you so much!

!discovery farm

add some puppies and you are ready to go!

Yes!!! omg that would so cute!

Good post! Is it new update interface? can i play right now?

they updated it already and you can play as far as I know but I might be wrong...@farmingtales is it ready to play with the new cuteness yet??? New Waxchester is not, YET. but soon!

Thanks very much! Do you play this game?

yes I do! but it's the same on my laptop so not sure if others can see the update or not.

 last year  

For this information ask on our discord ;)

I agree, the game IS super-cute, and I love the pic of New Waxchester, psyched for it. :)

Yay! me too! Thanks for all Your help editing and proofreading for me. 🙏❤️

My pleasure, #KeepRyzing ! 🙏

Hello @cynshineonline, I am so glad that @ryzeonline helped you move pass your hatred for games. Now, look at you, giving positive thoughts on how your cute new game should be made to be more cuter... Hehehehe... This is an awesome transformation in my opinion. Thus, we have @ryzeonline to thank for this.

By the way, @cynshineonline, where have you been? It's been months since you made a new post. I hope you are good though 🥺

Thank you for commenting and asking. I am on another platform. I got tired of the way people treat each other here so I left. I hope you're having a wonderful day and doing well. I'm super happy and doing great. Sending lots of love and positivity to you.

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What happened to you guys? You just disappeared?

Thank you for asking. We left because we decided to pivot our business and to be honest I got tired of how greedy everyone was behaving over the payouts. It just felt like too many people were motivated by money here so we left. I hope you're doing well. Sending lots of love and positive vibes.