Mobile devices are my mirror to the outside world, making new friends vian Inleo and some favorite unwinding apps


era of #technology and mobile devices brought a lot of relief to introverted people like us. Before now, it was often difficult to approach people in person and speak to them, talking more about making them our friends, but with social media and the internet, I can easily reply to someone's post even when I don't know them, which can spark further conversation until the relationship grows from just being friends on the internet to an eventual physical meet-up. My screen time can equally show that I have more activities online than offline and most of the hours of my days are spent here unless I have some serious work in the farms or with sewing.


I have made more virtual friends than in the physical world. Most of the people I have met were on #hiveblockchain, and after a series of conversations with them, I can filter out who is a genuine person or not.

Guess what? There are a lot more quality people on Hive than on any other social media site I have known. Maybe this truth is restricted to me alone, but you can tell us about your own experience. I have met people who have given me quality advice and helped me in various ways, including funding certain personal projects of mine.
Coming to #Inleo, a single reply to some friends sparked some connections between us, and till date I have met and made friends from there too.


I am not too familiar with #Twitter because of the salvage responses and insults there. People get to act wild on that app, and it's no wonder that they have tagged that place as one not meant for weak people. Our emotions can get tampered with by people's responses to our blogs.
My activities on the X app are very minimal except during the times when I was actively sharing my hive threads there; maybe I can resume that again as well. It was a good way to promote my hive contents.

Aside from Hive dApps, I have a few favorite go-to apps.


My music/video player is one of them. I have a collection of short videos and comedy that I don't get tired of watching over and over again. And that is actually when I am done surfing and blogging on Hive. Although most of the time I could play songs by connecting my phone to a Bluetooth device here while I went ahead with blogging, The player is hence one of my favorite go-to apps, as different genres of songs are available to suit my mood at any given time.



It was while writing this contest that I just remembered that it has been awhile since I have posted any content on Facebook. Almost 3 years. It seems like ever since hive blockchain and blogging took over, I barely have time for content creation on these other apps.


WhatsApp page.

From the look of things here, I barely kept a few friends and family contacts because it was important, but most importantly, I do follow some news channels here so I can get the latest updates on what is happening around the world. Creating these news channels on Whatsapp was a good thing because I don't have a TV to watch daily news, not even access to online newspapers, and Twitter isn't where I would love to get my news from. Hence, every news highlight is gotten on WhatsApp, making it an important app to me.



The outburst of mining apps on Telegram has created an influx of people into the app, and I am not left out among the people who decided to check things out. Aside from the fact that people can get some tokens from mining, I realized that some mining activities are actually in the form of fulfilled games.

On countless occasions, I have wished that we could have someone in Ilorin to take us. Through the gaming aspects of hive blockchain, people play #Splinterland, #dcrops, and other games. Exploring that aspect of hive has been my desire, and if these games were fun too, it would be a good way to invite people into #hiveblockchain to come and enjoy the play-to-earn games we have here. These are some of the fulfilled activities and favorite unwinding apps on my phone.

*All images are screenshot from my mobile device including the wall paper theme.

This is my submission to the daily inleo prompt for the months of June and I am using this medium to invite other hivers to participate in the prompt and be exposed fo several topic we learn from and engaged with through this link

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Looks like internet the only person in the whole world who is not moved to mine anything on telegram. If you ask me why I wouldn’t even have an answer to give you.

Oh dear. It's a good way to play away your time .
Some of the games I have meet there actually intellectual and you get to learn a whole lot playing. Whenever you are ready dear.

Oh okay

It's interesting to see how your phone has become a mirror to the outside world for you, allowing you to communicate with new friends and find ways to relax with special applications. We sincerely appreciate your sincerity in sharing your experience.

Thank you so much.
Perhaps I can add you to my friends list too 🤗😂

I would be glad 🙏🏻

 17 days ago  

I use X occasionally to see what's happening around. You won't be a part of the ruckus there if you maintain your lane. And what is Blum about?.

Okay then...
It's a telegram app
You can send a dm on discord if you need more clarity