Paying for pizza and beer using $HBD in Barrio Bitcoin, Guatemala City

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yet ANOTHER lovely Sunday here in Guatemala City. @pamarias and I
felt like having some pizza and beer and what could be better
than having pizza and beer? Well paying for it with $HBD of course.

Please follow me and I'll show you how easy it is to use your @v4vapp and @keychain to pay for Bitcoin Lightning invoices at shops that accept Bitcoin payments.

If you'd like to see my previous video at Umai Ramen, please click here

Hats off to the amazing builders that have made it possible for regular folks like me to go out and #spendHBD.

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Great job @alex-rourke

Thank you sir! I'll try to keep making more of these. The world needs to see how easy it is to #spendHBD we've earned from blogging, creating tutorials, interviews, etc.

That's super cool and I'm going to have to go check that out!

Hell yeah! If you decide to come to Barrio Bitcoin, I'll gladly have a !BEER with you (and maybe some top quality ganja too)

I don't drink but yeah we can hang and blaze!

Hey @ganjafarmer, here is a little bit of BEER from @alex-rourke for you. Enjoy it!

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That's awesome. The food looks great, and it is even a craft beer place; way to support the local businesses. I really like how you said that you paid for this one using the HBD from your previous post. It would be great if you can continue this trend.

The food was delicious! I'm going to do my best to keep the ball rolling and use the funds from my previous video to fund the next video!

The owners of this bar are a young couple. They started the brewery and later openened up the bar.

I look forward to the next one. It is also nice that the different stores offer something different from each other.

Glad to see the usage of HBD is expanding and i I strongly believe it is a gradual process.

Yes it is! I believe we're in an important step to addoption: using $HBD to pay Bitcoin Lightning invoices. We're taking advantage of how well known the bitcoin name is. That imspires confidence that we are using reliable technology. The next step is to accept $HBD payments directly.

Keep these coming. So cool to see what people are doing and how HBD is being used.

Will do!

I'm already searching for the next spot that accepts Bitcoin over Lightning. Soon I will onboard some businesses so that they accept $HBD directly.

Putting HBD in use is a very good practice
I love that!

Yes! everybody needs to find a way to do it. It's the way parallel economies are built.

This is amazing.. Nice one.

That's an innovative way to use HBD for payments. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Have a nice day.

Primeros cambios de de BTC por pizza 🍕🍕. increíble.

Your posts are finally getting the recognition they deserve man. People don't realize the potential of Hive and HBD, I hope a lot more people see it soon thanks to you. I already reblogged your post on Twitter.

Do you know any spots in Xela that accept Bitcoin. I am heading up there later in the week and would love to make some content spending HBD. I will try to get over to @buttcoins place before I go but if not I will head across the lake next week to spend some HBD.

Any Saul accepts lightning, and so anywhere that accepts lightning you can use v4v to auto convert your hbd or hive ✊😎

Nice. There was a Saul in Antigua but I think it closed if I remember correctly or maybe moved locations. !ALIVE

@buttcoins! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ hankanon. (1/10)

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If only everyone of can come to a point of doing that which you are doing also and encouraging the usage of HBD in payment of transaction, it will really go a long way in helping the hbd