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All In On Coffee


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I haven't been very productive lately, in terms of content creation, because I've been dealing with a lot of things in real life (as they say). I've actually had a lot of "coffee content" to blog about, but I just didn't have the time to sit down and type into a computer, gather images and videos, and engage in the community. If anything, I have more content now than ever before.

Now that we're in the bear market, there's not that much happening in the various crypto things I was doing daily. In fact, many of them have either shut down, gone bust, or are about to. It's a bloodbath out there folks.

At such times, I tend to hunker down and build in anticipation of the next up cycle. When I was an Amazon FBA entrepreneur, it worked in cycles too. During the summer months, sales would be dire. Those where the times to build; get new product ideas, get them shipped, prepared and sent off to the warehouse in anticipation for the mighty Q4 when life returned to retail.

I also tend to focus more on things that are important, which are different for everyone of course, such as family, friends and things I'm passionate about. Two of such passions, for me, are photography and (you guessed it) coffee! Yup.

Such is my passion for coffee that I've decided to geek out on it more. I deleted all my videos (that were earning money by the way) on YouTube and rebranded the channel into a coffee interest channel. It's a kind of coffee lifestyle channel based around my daily intake of it.

I found that there are many, many, people like me that would be interested in watching the videos. I used to upload very regularly to a film photography channel a couple of years ago and I know how geeky communities like that are. Those videos are still up and get a lot of engagement still, even though I haven't uploaded anything in over a year.

So far I only have three or four videos on there , but I'm about to ramp up the volume. I've been setting up a coffee station at home to make the videos easier to churn out :). I've also finally received my home coffee machine, the Nespresso Inissia (affiliate link), and a bunch of espresso pods of different kinds. I did a little unboxing, which is one of the videos on the channel so far.

If this coffee machine seems familiar, it is because I already made a video about it here. No, not this exact one, but another Inissia that was in the hotel room I stayed in on Fuerteventura. In that video I was a little confused by the machine, but once I figured it out, I fell in love with it and vowed to get one when I got home. Even though there are better machines than this one, at a similar price or even cheaper, but this gem, in this particular colour, stole my heart in the Canary Islands, so there you go :)

Better believe that I'll also be shilling Hive on that channel to get some external eyes on our blockchain. Awesome communities like ours, #CinnamonCupCoffee, are perfect for drawing new eyeballs. Many coffee lovers are geeks and tend to already be into other geekery like photography and crypto. It's a natural fit :). ☕️

Peace & Love,


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 2 months ago  

Much appreciated <3

 2 months ago  

You're very welcome:)

Very good and excellent your channel :D

For me there is nothing better to see than the shots when you prepare coffee, especially when the coffee comes out of the machine and falls into the cup so thick.

I love your channel, you have won a new subscriber, success to you....

 2 months ago  

Thank you my friend haha. I'm going to be having a lot of those videos. It looks like a lot of people like them :)

 2 months ago  

Ade, is that your own picture or you lended it from Canva?.. just curious... and wanted to make a compliment to the nice eye-catcher. 🤔

 2 months ago  

Haha. Thank you. It is my one photo taken on a holiday hotel balcony :)

 2 months ago  

Ok, than my compliment was relevant. Very appealing and eye-catching capture! (I'd hate to praise stock photos, haha). Have some Hive !PIZZA for your morning coffee 🍕

 2 months ago  

Hahaha. That's an awesome complement coming from you (I've just taken a look at all your amazing photos) :)

It was a nice day and the coffee looked so good (and tasted amazing too) haha.

 2 months ago  

😊😊😊 well, yes, I love nice images, thats my weak spot ... spend more lifetime on photo editing that it is needed, haha!
wish you more nice coffee opportunities in the future, what else can I say 🤩
I wish we had a coffee token at Hive, but no. a bit of !BEER, then 😉

Hey @adetorrent, here is a little bit of BEER from @qwerrie for you. Enjoy it!

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Among factors that help the success of ideas for certain projects and products is that they are always usable and renewable despite the passage of time. By the way the coffee machine is great, do you like coffee with milk?

 2 months ago  

I agree. I believe they call it "evergreen".
I'm allergic to milk so I tend not to take milk with anything. I used to like cappuccinos but I don't drink that anymore.

Why not create a digital currency called coffee with an attractive logo, it would be nice to drink coffee with tokens, yes?

 2 months ago  

I'm sure that already exists.

 2 months ago  

Hello Adé

Yeah, there were some good posts, heh-10.jpg
It's a shame to receive the package with broken seals, but at least everything seemed intact. It's always a plus to get appliances with the appropriate plug for the country that you live in!. It's great of the company to add those sample pods.
The coffee machine seems pretty straightforward to use, and even though it's small, it looks pretty durable:)))

 2 months ago  

Thank you. Yea my expectations have dropped concerning packaging from Amazon. As long as they item is up to standard, I try not to bother too much. I've been using it and making some nice drinks so far. I accidentally bought some decaf pods from ASDA so I'm using those to experiment at the moment before getting to the good stuff :)

I love these graphics in your replies haha

 2 months ago  

Thank you! 😁🙃
Add a heading-19.jpg

As long as they item is up to standard, I try not to bother too much.

That's right! Better to keep calm and drink coffee 🤣

 2 months ago  

Wow the box was in pretty bad shape. Great video though

 2 months ago  

haha. yeah. They didn't even bother with the previous labels. 😅


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