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Coffee, a common commodity, is fast becoming the language of love. So, I created Cinnamon Cup Coffee community, a virtual coffee shop; as a creative space within the blockchain to facilitate the sharing of all content relating to this elixir of life -- coffee, and it's many uses.

The community model is to foster and facilitate an interactive and personable atmosphere, whilst maintaining a high level of pride in presentation to the community, and to the blockchain.
As such, the quality of posts should be comparable to workshops, on our preferred topics: coffee-beverages, coffeeshop reviews, coffee appliances usage and care, alternative uses of coffee such as art, and cooking.

Being an inclusive social hub, we understand that not everyone loves coffee, so tea lovers, and drinkers of other warm beverages are welcome too.

A Guideline for Posting In Community

  • Content

Of course, your topic should be about coffee, or tea;

Coffee beverages you had, coffee shops you've visited, coffee machines and brewing methods, crockery, coffee art, coffee for cooking and baking, and other alternative uses of coffee.
👉Stories about your life with coffee, gives readers the chance to connect and see your personality, and passion for coffee; this is a great way to connect and increase your visibility in the community and on the blockchain.

  • Presentation

Speaks volume, as it's your mien!

(A) Photos & Images - a blurred photo is as good as no photo.
A cup of hot or cold coffee can be tempting and pleasing to the eyes. Same for the meals that compliment your coffee.
Therefore, make an effort to include clear, sharp images.

(B) Vlogs: informative, entertaining, and educational vlogs are a useful tool, as we all learn and process information differently.
A Vlog is an effective way to connect voices to the faces of readers, achieving the feeling of a real virtual coffee shop. It's a good idea to add text and additional images to your vlogs, and the verbal communication must be in English to be of value to all members within the community and across the blockchain.

  • Text Length

Imagine the task it would be to physically count each word?
Luckily, the computer does it for us.

There is no word-count specification, however, post over 250 English words are more likely to be promoted, as you get the chance to creatively write your stories in a detailed, comprehensible, and relatable fashion.
Meaningful content matters.

  • Language

Being bi/multi-lingual is a great asset!

However, hostess, @millycf1976 takes the time to read every post, and only reads and comprehends English.
Please, write in English, and comment in English.
However, feel free to add your native or other languages.
Comments in English fosters interaction amongst community members and across the blockchain.

Community Guidelines

  • Written publication and comments to posts, must be in English.

  • Tell us a story behind the photos you present, and add photos to enhance your story.

  • Please be respectful and courteous to everyone, a general rule of the blockchain and no different here in Cinnamon Cup Coffee community.

  • All initiatives and posting topics must be coordinated and approved by the community admin.

  • Original content only, no plagiarism, or recycled content. Zero Tolerance for these offenses.
    Originality is the best way to put your stamp on your post. It shows your personality, which is a great way to attract others to read and possibly upvote and reblog your post.

  • Please cite relevant sources for all coffee facts and claims, including images.

  • Spam and unethical online behaviour is prohibited; however, it's a sure way to get muted, if that's your aim.

  • Post directly to the community and do not double post, or separate a vlog to make separate post about the same thing.

  • Recycled content will be disregarded in general (including from other platforms such as Steemit)

  • Posting directly to the community increases the chances of your post being promoted for upvotes from the @OCD team, as part of the OCD Community Incubation Program.
    Quality content might attract higher votes.

  • There's a loyalty membership program within the community: The three categories are:
    (1) 3Cs Coffee "Purist" - the dedicated Black Coffee Drinker
    (2) 3Cs Coffee "Holic" - the coffee explorer who likes the lattes and cappuccinos, and any coffee concoctions.
    (3) 3Cs Coffee "Big Shot" - a contributor/sponsor, someone of high value to the community...(of course every subscriber is valuable;-).

Weekly, two randomly selected Loyalty Members earn 5% each from our community curation rewards.

Criteria to qualify for loyalty-membership:

a) Author must contribute quality posts, regularly
b) Author must engage with other community members, regularly and/or
c) Anyone who sponsors or donates to the community.

  • Occasionally, there's a community contest(s), wherein the specific rules will be stated. However, general community rules are always applicable.

  • A weekly curation publication is a way to highlight and showcase some of the weeks's highest quality stories and images.

Cinnamon Cup Coffee is a thriving, vibrant community under the OCD incubation program which facilitates commensurate rewards to the efforts and work of active members. Therefore, the aim is to keep the community's standard high, amongst others on the blockchain.

If you're new to the community, a warm welcome on behalf of all members! If you're still just lurking; please, feel free to subscribe right here.

Thank you,

Discord: millycf1976#9956
Cinnamon Cup Coffee community

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 11 months ago  

☕️ 3Cs Coffee "Purist" - the dedicated Black Coffee Drinker


Great guidelines for the best community on Hive 🙏

 11 months ago  

Thank you!!
Haha! I know you well!😁 😍

 11 months ago (edited) 

@adetorrent I just observed the line, "best community on hive" 😊
Aren't those sweet word;-)
I try to be like a real coffee shop, and look forward to greeting, engaging, and getting to know each member (to an extent, of course).
It's nice to be able to share stories and learn new things simultaneously.
I do appreciate your effort to interact and comment on other community members post!
Thank you!

What a warm publication to orient those of us who are just arriving, and where you are given a great opportunity to belong to this beautiful coffee loving family.

 11 months ago  

Thanks for your lovely feedback😊

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 11 months ago  

Thanks @hivebuzz for the update ;-)

You're welcome @cinnccf 😊🌹

I just posted my first post in this lovely community. i am so excited to share with everyone here my love for coffee. Yey 🎉

 11 months ago  

Enjoy! 😁

The guidelines are detailed and clear. Happy to be a part of this community. I’m a tea-lover so at first I wondered if I would fit in a coffee community. Happy that it’s inclusive. Great that we can visit the coffee shop even if there are lock-downs. We can be here virtually anytime.

 7 months ago  

😊Yes, completely inclusive of coffee, tea and other warm beverages :)

@cinnccf, Thanks for the community information. I'm happy here. Hopefully my posts always provide benefits for all. Regards.

 11 months ago  

@afridany1 You're welcome! Thanks for your reply!

Hola amiga @cincccf, muy buena la iniciativa de implementar una comunidad como está. Dónde podemos expresar y hablar sobre nuestras ricas bebidas saludables. Las normas y reglas de ellas son bastante claras y concisas.

Hi friend @cincccf, very good initiative to implement a community like this. Where we can express and talk about our tasty healthy drinks. The norms and rules of them are quite clear and concise.

 3 months ago  

Thank you for your feedback.
It's great to read what passionate coffee drinkers share.

Woww, what an interesting and awesome communities on Hive! Feel glad to know about a new community daily on Hive! 🙏😊

 7 months ago  

Thank you for your kind feedback. If you're a coffee-lover, this is the place to share and discover everything about coffee.
Have a nice day:)

listening to some of the things that are made in the rules is very good and this becomes a motivation for coffee writers. I really like being able to attend some of these sessions.

 2 months ago  

That's great news.
See you around the community :)))

Yes thank you so much moderator @cinnccf

Undoubtedly, this community gives us a wide range of possibilities to publish our content. Thank you very much for giving us so much support. By suggesting, instructing and encouraging you, you help us grow as Hivers.

Grateful from the bottom of my heart 🤗🤗🤗🤗

 2 months ago  

You're very welcome.

 2 months ago  

You're very welcome. Keep producing great content ☕️.

You're very welcome. Have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Day!.jpg

From the Cinnamon Cup Coffee Team:)

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

@cinnccf - Thanks for the information for the Cinnamon Cup Coffee Community members. I am always glad to participate in events that are of interest to the loyalty of authors and bloggers on the Hive platform and the Ecency application.

 11 months ago  

Thank you so much @antikus369 for your continuous participation and engagement in the community.
Much appreciated!
Have a nice Sunday ;-)

Thanks! Mutually - have a nice weekend.

 11 months ago  


I don't care about the rules... I think this is my favorite Hive community. The one I enjoy reading and posting in the most, almost as much as drinking coffee hahahahahaha.
How nice to have this space 💛

No me importan las reglas.. Creo que esta es mi comunidad favorita de Hive. En la que mas disfruto leer y publicar, casi tanto como tomar cafe jajajajaja
Que lindo tener este espacio

Although English is not my native language I try to help myself with the translator but it always does what it wants.
I do my best, please omit my mistakes hahahaha

 10 months ago  

It's nice to hear of your appreciation for this community. Continue to enjoy visiting and sharing quality content, as much as you love quality coffee.
Your translation and efforts are working just fine :)

I read it all and I'm more than inspired!!
Gone to make my coffee and start some delicious coffee-writing :)
Big hugs!!

 9 months ago  

You're welcome! See you around:)

Thank you!!!!!

I am delighted with this community ,I did not know it existed ,and as a coffee lover ,I want to be part of it ,greetings.

 9 months ago  

Welcome, and see you around :)

Thank you so much, information it @Cinnamon Cup Coffee

Happy to be here :)

I love Coffee with Cinnamon. I love Coffee AND I love Cinnamon.
Thanks for this Community!

 6 months ago  

Me too! What is there not to like? 😁
Enjoy the community:)

It is a goog platform to express good stories while taking coffee or tea. Everyone has story behind coffee time. Thank for this platform.

With good tea, if gossip is spread, the taste of tea is doubled and if the whole state of tea is shared with friends, it will be even more fun and it will also be fun to drink tea and coffee on this platform. And it will be fun to talk to friends. This platform is great
And I love this community and will continue to do so

Just findout this great community and feeling interest to interact my love with coffee.

 5 months ago  

I am glad you found it, see you around:)

Hopefully every week one coffee time post, just share first one. :)

Hello, I have a question regarding one of the rules and before making a publication I would like to clarify it and thus ruin it. It is about the following rule:

"Strictly NO Preaching of opinions about coffee. Posts of such nature will be ignored and muted without warning."

I can't understand if you mean not talking about which coffee is better or if you mean talking about possible benefits or I don't know. If you could explain this rule to me, I would really appreciate it.

 5 months ago  

Hello @oscargonzalez123,

Cinnamon Cup Coffee is a social hub for persons to share their experiences with coffee.

Posts condemning anyone for drinking coffee will be muted; Respect for other people's opinions and personal choices is of paramount importance to the community.

Here is a link to some of our best posts over the past week, that you might give clarity and inspiration for content.

Thanks for your question. I appreciate you taking thw time to ask.

Please see Community Guidelines

Is the verdict out yet on whether coffee is good or bad for you?

I drink probably 6-8 cups a day because I'm an addict and I like the taste but I think it probably hurts my gut biome a little?

 last month  

Is the verdict out yet on whether coffee is good or bad for you?

Never knew there was a debate lol.

I drink probably 6-8 cups a day because I'm an addict and I like the taste but I think it probably hurts my gut biome a little?

Everyone's body is different, but this sounds possible.

Have you ever tried to curb that habit? Or gradually train yourself to lessen the daily consumption and see how you get on?

Greetings! Is it possible to talk about a brand of coffee, for example a review of a brand of coffee?

 14 days ago  

Hello thanks for asking!
Yes, would be totally acceptable.
Just make sure that there is an English translation, and it should be in your own words. Any information that is taken from the internet should be clearly cited. Sharp photos, would be nice too:)