Coffee Tui Mo To - See the beauty of daisies in the heart of Da Lat city

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Dalat city has always been a great destination for tourists. Coming to Dalat, visitors can not only admire the poetic natural scenery but also enjoy delicious food. The place that I visited when coming to the city of thousands of flowers was Coffee Tui Mo To. Any place in Dalat city has its own beauty. The cafes here grow more and more and each spot has its own style, the drinks also have different delicious flavors. The Tui Mo To is one of the spaces that young people love when they have a spacious view, in which there is a beautiful and poetic chrysanthemum garden. Tui Mo To Da Lat is located inside the homestay Reply 1994 in Alley 31 Sào Nam, Ward 11, Da Lat.





The location of bar is in a quiet area, with no traffic noise, the outside is not gorgeous, flashy but brings out the poetic, natural and mellow beauty of the highlands. The bar scores with visitors are rustic but full of sophistication, a place to rest comfortably, and the sweet fragrance of chamomile. Visitors to the bar will feel the space of nostalgia with tranquility, every corner is simple and familiar. From the old space with the style of the old-time, the items are made of simple materials, not popular with modern and luxury. Step into the bar You will see ancient-style tables, chairs, and tea glasses. Here you will feel the taste of the time, making you feel relieved, no longer feel the surface of the bucket, full of smoke and the sound of the car horn. The sitting place is extremely suitable for long-time friends who do not meet, chatting, dating couples, or young people who meet happily check-in.





The bar is not too large, each area is extremely delicately designed. There is a small house in the saloon-like Dalat's greenhouse of colorful flowers. So when you sit inside, you can also zoom your eyes out to see the beauty of nature outside. The space of the Tui Mo To Coffee is both warm and extremely spacious. As soon as you enter the gate, there is a flower garden, surrounded by wooden houses, wooden paths, trees, and flowers. It's all about a simple yet striking vintage style. Another interesting thing is the view of the Tui Mo To on the high floor, you can see the majestic Langbiang mountain peak and the extremely magical Hon Bo peak. The open space for the quiet, to see the majestic natural scenery is what everyone enjoys. Especially local tourists who come here to sit and rest can also see the soaring mountain.






Tui Mo To fascinates people not only with peaceful pub space but also possesses an irresistible thousand-mountain canopy forest space. You can enjoy taking photos of virtual life in different corners, every corner is shimmering. Here you will save beautiful photos for your trip. Drinks are diverse from coffee, smoothies, juices, sodas, ice creams, teas, etc. Delicious taste, Da Lat standard and affordable price. The service staff at the restaurant are gentle and friendly, visitors when coming here will feel very satisfied.



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Perfect spot to relax and enjoy your coffee, the dog is cute too.

Thank you very much!

 2 months ago  

Looks like an incredible location. I like the very natural looking setting and the rustic decor. They go very well together.

Cute dog.


Thank you very much. I hope to be able to share many posts with interesting places to everyone.

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oh wow! definitely looks like a cozy place to grab not just a caffeine boost but also some piece of mind 😃 mmh and that strawberry drink looks refreshing too 😁 thank you for sharing about this wonderful place!

Thank you very much. I hope to be able to share many posts with interesting places to everyone.

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 2 months ago  

Hello @midung92

I am relaxed by just looking at the beautiful setting and I know that I would love to have coffee and take in all the beauty.

Thanks for stopping by:)))

Thank you very much. I hope to be able to share many posts about interesting places with everyone.

 2 months ago  

I love everything about this place, especially that they allow a furry 🐶🤗.

Thank you very much.

 2 months ago  

It was a pleasure 😉

lâu qúa rồi e chưa đi quán này hihi. quán này view đẹp quá c

Very nice and impressive place, I loved that more than a cafeteria is an excellent place to spend a good time enjoying the view and the plants around.

Very nice and impressive place, I loved that more than a cafeteria is an excellent place to spend a good time enjoying the view and the plants around.

 2 months ago